Current Work Schedule

This is a list of the current vehicles we are working on or are listed for action sooner rather than later. It is followed by a list of the completed vehicles.

Currently undergoing restoration or overhaul:

In the Paintshop
TSO 4986.           Tourist Second Open. The second green carriage
LNER Van            this is a static van used by the friends of Winchcombe group.

In the Workshop
BSK 34929           Brake Second Corridor
                             This will be the brake vehicle for the third rake.
                             It will be out shopped in Chocolate & Cream.

Horse Box            Currently drying out ready for restoration.

In the BarnBCK 21092          A composite brake with the baggage area conversion
                             for wheelchair access. A minor restore that turned out to be much bigger.

CK 16221             (formaly knoiwn as 7221)  Composite Corridor work started again 3/2019

In the Yard with some minor works progressing.       

SK 24808              from the NYMR
SK 24006              The earlist MK1 in existence.

RBr 1675              Restaurant Buffet Refurbished.

The Boiler van      This will provide stream heat for testing carriages
                             before they are released into service and operational use with the
                             diesels during the winter.

Listed for work soon:
DMU class 117. A paint job that turned into extensive steel work repairs. This was mostly completed but needs to return for interior trim work to be completed.

Others in our mind:
These we know are important and are in our mind for restoration scheduling.
They are NOT in any priority order.

RBr 1965  The ex-army RBr
SO 4798   Second Open this is currently operational.
                 It is destined for modification to a disabled access carriage the same as 4790.

SO 25501 Originally a Second Open this will become The Hospitality Carriage

W 4763               Tourist Second Open
732463                LMS Brake Van - 20 Ton entered the works 3/2016
TSO 4614           Tourist Second Open. Work started on the seats 3/4/2016
                            body work started 7/2016 This has been converted for disability access.

FO 3132              First Open. out shopped in Chocolate and Cream.
TSO 24949         Tourist second open. bogie adjustments and minor repairs and repaint

RBr 1672             Restaurant Buffet Refurbished 
                            repainted and refit of parts of the kitchen area.

65643                  GWR goods van entered the works as a Skeleton Frame 3/2016

TSO 5042           Sept/16 - Nov/16 repainted to Chocolate and Cream
                            Its last previous overhaul was completed in Feb 2008

SK 25451            Second Corridor. Out shopped in Maroon.

Bagley-Drewry    Diesel Rail Car

DMU 51360        The Driving Car completed 3/4/2016 Newly painted in 'Rail Blue'
Goods Van          built at Wolverton 12t 4w Ventilated Planked Goods Van

755964                  restored for use by the
 'War in the Cotswolds' Group.

SO 9000              Brake Second Open.   Brake overhaul and repaint Feb 2016

DMU centre car   completed 22/10/2015
59510                  entered the workshop on 18/07/2015

Shark Ballast Plough This entered the barn on 18/07/2015
                                   completed 22/10/2015

Toad Brake Van    entered the barn on 12/04/2015
35357                    completed September 2015

LNWR van 21/07/2015 Goods Van  (originally incorrectly numbered 47972)

27018                    this has now been returned to the platform 2 bay at Winchcombe.

25618.       17/06/2015 Santa's Grotto. Out shopped in Maroon.
                              It is stored for use during the Santa specials
                              when it changes place with the Discovery carriage.

SK 25743  23/05/2015 Out shopped in Chocolate & Cream.

Barry Wagon 1388 12/04/2015 returned to Platform 1 bay at Winchcombe

TPO 80435    27/03/2015 Ex-TPO carriage now the Model Railway Carriage

FK 13326  14/02/2015

BG 92384 22/01/2015 out shopped for fitting out as the Discovery Coach

5042            11/2014 out shopped in Maroon

4787            mid September

BG 88039    repainted in chocolate & cream from last year's repaint of carmine & cream.

DB 992930  Ballast Wagon completed for the P'Way team.

RMB 1836   April 2014 restoration completed.

FK 13329    March 2014 completed

he first steam engine 4270 came into the paintshop for a top coat May 2014.

BSK 35308 late Feb the first carriage into the paintshop was completed.

SO 4790 (our disabled coach). it went into the chocolate & cream rake ready for the 2013 season.CFK 16195 June 2013 out shopped in Maroon

FK 13329 internal panelling repaired before the new season started.

BG 80139 repainted to Carmine and Cream.

SO 4787 joined the maroon rake

Elegant Excursions FO Marguerite had two seating bays replaced with all new panelling, and reupholstered seats.

SK 25341 out shopped to join the chocolate & cream set.
Several wagons were overhauled and repaired, to ensure a full rake for the Gala in May. 

600 The GWR Monster Van was fully overhauled and refurbished in June.

79636 The white Mica Van was fully repaired and overhauled in time for use in the May Gala

Queen Mary Brake Van Brake overhaul to make it available for the Gala

Toad Brake Van 17392  new brake blocks fitted to make it available for the Gala

BR 12 ton Box van 774445 fully rebuilt and refurbished.
           It is now in use by P/Way, in place of a similar life expired one.


Anonymous said...

Would be good to add to the completed list all that have been out shopped since the paints hop was commissioned, think you would have quite a list!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I am already working on it for other reasons. However, with over 170 postings each year the list will take a while to grow!

mike slipper said...

All in all quite a fantastic job you all do at c and w.

Peter Fisher said...

Thank you for updating this ... it really helps, when reading your interesting blog, to understand waht is going on with each carriage etc.