Sunday, 26 July 2020

Getting Ready

Getting ready is something going on on all fronts at the railway. In C&W there are 2 main fronts. Identifying what there is ready for people to do and preparing the restart rakes.

On the wagon front we have 3 jobs now lined up The LN&WR van we a paint job on last year has actual decided drop some planks. They looked ok but rotten mounts points were not evident at the time. So these 2 new sections have been cut and are now getting painted.

 There are 2 P'Way wagon that also has door issues to have sorted. I am just hoping we have the right wood in store. This wagon from the P'Way train has, some long time ago, had the door bottoms  replaced.

However, that repair has now produced the effect of a cat flap. Novel but as the door now has 2 parts and each part is hung by one hinge we need to do some more repairs,

With no catering vehicles required for the restart rakes we have decided to bring one of them, RMB 1808, into the paintshop for a fast overhaul and repaint. Bob started checking out the roof before anyone else comes back. its best to get the roof done first.

He identified some roof repairs we can't avoid. The scaffold towers were soon in position.

So is this where the waters getting in ? Probably!

The art for this carriage is to the make repairs without welding. I don't want to strip all the inside out and have to rebuild it all again. we have plenty of that to do on other carriages in the works.

So Nick is fabricating an end section to be riveted on 

We knew this door has been out of use for a long time. so an inspection was made.

Err it just came off in my hand Guv!  Its actually in such a bad state that a new door is unquestionably required. 

That door pillar is going to need replacing as well.

Phil came in to check out where he had got to with finishing 4772 now on the jack road in the barn having been transferred from the paintshop. The end door was missing a lock but Phil located one serviced it and fitted it.

The next job for 4772 is a the replacement of the cork seals in the back of the axle boxes. So shunt was organised to fetch some accommodation bogies out fit them 

have taken the bogie ride measurements first!

Then remove the carriage and bring the original bogies

back into the barn ready for an overhaul to start next week.

Chris came into sort out where we are with door liners on 34929. 

and fitted one to door 1.

On the restart rakes Dave along with several of the painters have been doing a great job of tidying up a number of the less used carriages that have now been promoted to front line running.

and when the rain stopped play outside, well what do you expect there is a test match on, they took shelter and did some prep work on RMB 1808 

and somewhere in all of that a socially distanced tea break was taken. Its not the same tho' no trains to watch Well except when we did the shunt.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Excellent work. I bet your wives, girl friends, mistresses etc., couldn't wait to get you out of the house for some relief!!
I pray constantly that this COVID 19 will disappear into thin air.
Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

So good to see work being done again, as with Paul's comment above, the sooner this is gone the better! Thanks for the pictures, the more of them the better please as we have (well my son did!) to take these pictures and put them into a picture frame that changes every 30 seconds. This is great as it means we get to see the pictures of the railway we are so missing! After cancer surgery last December I have only left the house to go to hospital appointments. The cancer nurse from Macmillans thinks I am mad as I said I need some steam and oil mix to help me heal!Keep up the great work please, stay safe and hope to see you all soon.
Paul & Marion