Friday, 10 July 2020

Getting organised - ish

Part of the new reality of running our railway at least to start with is the need to reorganise the carriages that will be used. Compartment carriages are in general the order of the day. So having identified  the desired rake consist Ian got the job of working out the shunt sequence required to reorganise the carriages. Ian also got to drive the shunter  with the 2 Andy's Thompson and Turner did the leg work and Bob Mac pulled the levers.

The shunt also took into account a reorganisation of the works ready for when we can resume restorations. To that end and enusre adequate floor space in the barn Ken organised the rehanging of the gangway connectors on 16221. 

Part of the shunt also moved 4772 from the paintshop to the jack road in the barn for the next section of its restore. So that we didn't leave the odd bits behind Ken also refitted to Gangway door. If only we could find the lock. (We still haven't found one for it!) and put the other bit inside so that they all moved together.

On a fine day the social distance lunch was taken behind platform 2. One bench each.

The selected carriages are predominately from the normal second and third rakes. Some tidying up is needed on a more urgent time scale than usual. The filler patch didn't need much persuading to fall out.

Call in the make up team err the painting team. Right on cue Dave, fresh from the barbers, came in to check on the paint store levels to see what we can do. So a very quick make over is possible along with some polishing of other carriages should smarten things up. Just have to contact and organise a couple of squads now.

Several repairs have been identified to specifically meet the running requirements of the carriages for the restart and various people are lined up and ready to leap into action next week.

Steve Barnfield has already been in to look at a ceiling and door issue.

Bob Keyte, still awaiting his visit to the barbers was into paint a ceiling but we found the rain was leaking in rather more than expected and a roof repair has now been identified for the carriage. Urgent repairs have been organised as this carriage is vital to the second restart rake.

A cracked window to be replaced I got some pre work done ready for the full job next week.

Carriages parked all over the place during the shunt. There will be more still to do.

Actually before any of them can run they will all need an exam. So John Appleton and the maintenance team are lined up to carry that out on the first restart rake. Actually as I write this they should be hard at work.

At the moment everything being done is primarily to prepare the restart rakes for running by identifying specific jobs and getting people in to specifically do them. Of course I do have an eye on when we can get back to more normal restoration work. Now how many sanitiser and cleaning stations do I need round the works!



Rod said...

Now I refitted some items to that door, now was the lock in the blue box of bits on the table by the centre door ---um can't remember must be the loss of hair!

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Know what you mean about losing your memory! Had my haircut yesterday now I can't find the wallet!
Great work team, bet is was good to be able to do something other than re-decorating the house, tidying up the garden and shed and garage and.......
Thanks for the pictures, means a lot to us still in isolation due to high risk.
Paul & Marion