Sunday, 26 July 2020

Getting Ready

Getting ready is something going on on all fronts at the railway. In C&W there are 2 main fronts. Identifying what there is ready for people to do and preparing the restart rakes.

On the wagon front we have 3 jobs now lined up The LN&WR van we a paint job on last year has actual decided drop some planks. They looked ok but rotten mounts points were not evident at the time. So these 2 new sections have been cut and are now getting painted.

 There are 2 P'Way wagon that also has door issues to have sorted. I am just hoping we have the right wood in store. This wagon from the P'Way train has, some long time ago, had the door bottoms  replaced.

However, that repair has now produced the effect of a cat flap. Novel but as the door now has 2 parts and each part is hung by one hinge we need to do some more repairs,

With no catering vehicles required for the restart rakes we have decided to bring one of them, RMB 1808, into the paintshop for a fast overhaul and repaint. Bob started checking out the roof before anyone else comes back. its best to get the roof done first.

He identified some roof repairs we can't avoid. The scaffold towers were soon in position.

So is this where the waters getting in ? Probably!

The art for this carriage is to the make repairs without welding. I don't want to strip all the inside out and have to rebuild it all again. we have plenty of that to do on other carriages in the works.

So Nick is fabricating an end section to be riveted on 

We knew this door has been out of use for a long time. so an inspection was made.

Err it just came off in my hand Guv!  Its actually in such a bad state that a new door is unquestionably required. 

That door pillar is going to need replacing as well.

Phil came in to check out where he had got to with finishing 4772 now on the jack road in the barn having been transferred from the paintshop. The end door was missing a lock but Phil located one serviced it and fitted it.

The next job for 4772 is a the replacement of the cork seals in the back of the axle boxes. So shunt was organised to fetch some accommodation bogies out fit them 

have taken the bogie ride measurements first!

Then remove the carriage and bring the original bogies

back into the barn ready for an overhaul to start next week.

Chris came into sort out where we are with door liners on 34929. 

and fitted one to door 1.

On the restart rakes Dave along with several of the painters have been doing a great job of tidying up a number of the less used carriages that have now been promoted to front line running.

and when the rain stopped play outside, well what do you expect there is a test match on, they took shelter and did some prep work on RMB 1808 

and somewhere in all of that a socially distanced tea break was taken. Its not the same tho' no trains to watch Well except when we did the shunt.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Taking the long view

When lockdown came there was already a list of maintenance jobs that needed doing. Now with the restart in sight and the requirements for the running rakes clarified several items from the list need sorting out fairly quickly as they are one carriages selected for operations.

24949 has had 2 leaking roof issue recently. So Bob Mac took a look and found that patches previously put on to replace air vent cowls had themselves rusted badly. So with assistance from Nick  new patches were cut and Bob fitted them to the roof. Gppd job it was a nice blue sky.

Russ started on some rubbing down and filler

Alex replaced another patch of old filler 

and with Dave started on a pre painting rub down

A little home work by Alex. It kept his hand in while lockdown at home.

BCK 21092 which will become the brake carriage for the second restart rake has broken window to be replaced. Some work was started on it back before the races but as the job couldn't be completed it was 'put back together'. I started stripping it down and Yesturday Alan and Tony coame in to carry on. The bottom rail that secures the glass in position has 17 fixing screws. Only 3 came out the rest had broke.. The inevitable result of mixed metals. So they have had to be drilled out and I gather the process of drilling and re-tapping the holes has started.

Coffee break out doors - No mess room.

Back to work to get the new glass in place and secured. The rest of the trimming will be completed next week.

Working on the first restart rake Richard I and Richard II. They look after the Batteries and electrical changing systems for the carriages in operation. They checked out the rake and did a load test. Its ready to run. 

The paint team have had been able to take advantage of the dry weather to do some smarting up of the carriages that will form the 2 restart rakes.

Richard Hoy repainted almost all the steps on the rake, a very big improvement as most were very worn-looking. (the following pictures thanks to Dave Clark)

The brief was to 

Tidy up and make the carriages presentable. However, whatever you do it has to be finished in the day because the carriages might move tomorrow.

As it is we made arrangements for the first rake not to move up to Toddington until next Monday. Them the cleaning team can have a go. It allowed the maintenance team to come along and do the fit to run exam on the rake.

Perfectly spaced out with the various stages of preparation well underway.

Undercoating over half done. The pesky filler somewhat stands out.

The main effort is to fill the nasty holes sand undercoat and top coat the Brown lower panel. Having that look good makes the most difference. Bob Keyte well on the way to completing the full length brown panel on the Malvern side of FK 13329.

Rod Wells working on the Cotswold side of the FK

Bob Keyte completing the top coating on the left end of SK 25743. Richard Hoy had done the right hand end.

It doesn't look bad if you take the long view. Picture taken from Salter Hill thanks to Nick Evert

Friday, 10 July 2020

Getting organised - ish

Part of the new reality of running our railway at least to start with is the need to reorganise the carriages that will be used. Compartment carriages are in general the order of the day. So having identified  the desired rake consist Ian got the job of working out the shunt sequence required to reorganise the carriages. Ian also got to drive the shunter  with the 2 Andy's Thompson and Turner did the leg work and Bob Mac pulled the levers.

The shunt also took into account a reorganisation of the works ready for when we can resume restorations. To that end and enusre adequate floor space in the barn Ken organised the rehanging of the gangway connectors on 16221. 

Part of the shunt also moved 4772 from the paintshop to the jack road in the barn for the next section of its restore. So that we didn't leave the odd bits behind Ken also refitted to Gangway door. If only we could find the lock. (We still haven't found one for it!) and put the other bit inside so that they all moved together.

On a fine day the social distance lunch was taken behind platform 2. One bench each.

The selected carriages are predominately from the normal second and third rakes. Some tidying up is needed on a more urgent time scale than usual. The filler patch didn't need much persuading to fall out.

Call in the make up team err the painting team. Right on cue Dave, fresh from the barbers, came in to check on the paint store levels to see what we can do. So a very quick make over is possible along with some polishing of other carriages should smarten things up. Just have to contact and organise a couple of squads now.

Several repairs have been identified to specifically meet the running requirements of the carriages for the restart and various people are lined up and ready to leap into action next week.

Steve Barnfield has already been in to look at a ceiling and door issue.

Bob Keyte, still awaiting his visit to the barbers was into paint a ceiling but we found the rain was leaking in rather more than expected and a roof repair has now been identified for the carriage. Urgent repairs have been organised as this carriage is vital to the second restart rake.

A cracked window to be replaced I got some pre work done ready for the full job next week.

Carriages parked all over the place during the shunt. There will be more still to do.

Actually before any of them can run they will all need an exam. So John Appleton and the maintenance team are lined up to carry that out on the first restart rake. Actually as I write this they should be hard at work.

At the moment everything being done is primarily to prepare the restart rakes for running by identifying specific jobs and getting people in to specifically do them. Of course I do have an eye on when we can get back to more normal restoration work. Now how many sanitiser and cleaning stations do I need round the works!