Thursday, 25 June 2020

A hairy encounter

Having had nothing to do except the blog and avoid the painting both ceased at the same time.

I could avoid the painting no longer. the problem with painting at home is that the walls go all the way down to the ground. 

At least the carriages stop about 3 feet in the air. I am also sure I am supposed to be taking the picture.

This wasn't actually the cause of me not publishing a blog that was the VA announcement talking about plans to resume service. Its not a straight forward thing to do. Three months of not doing things meant several required inspections haven't happened.

The safety things like 

-the lifting gear, Now inspected and passed safe to use.
-the woodwork machines service is now overdue but the company who does it is not working at present 
-the high wire man-safe cable inspection which is expensive - we are on a no spend budget at present. No money in  no money out. So no roof painting until they are recertified.
-Gas Welding kit now due for inspection.

So getting things organised suddenly became a major priority. What carriages would be used? 
Identify a proposed rake of carriages - Compartment ones. 
Revise it to be 2 rakes and inspect them.
Re-inspect them as there is a planned one way system for the passengers. on one end off the other. Great is all the corner doors are working! They aren't. 

So identify what needs to be done and what can actually be done. That of course needs special permission because its needs doing or starting before the scheduled restart date for volunteers. 
Everything now also needs a Risk Assessment which has to be agreed by the Safety Director. 8 so far and counting. we have done 3 jobs.

 And so it goes on hopefully we might actually do some more of the things on the list Saturday. 

Its all been a bit hairy. 

Now talking of hair. My wife has been cutting my hair for years so no problem for me. Rod however, has just been roped in to do his wife's hair for the first time. Barbara was really wanting a hair cut a few weeks ago so he bravely volunteered to take a few inches of the bottom at the back

The picture is a work in progress

 The request "was level with the bottom of my ears" and he achieved what he termed his sawtooth look. The customer declared she was satisfied after a quick look via 2 mirrors.

 The secret is in the engineering. Sharpen the scissors, it is the same as for all edge tools just think garden shears on a smaller scale

and the lockdown has got to Cheryl as well



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Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Know what you mean about haircuts! being ex RAF even when retired I would still get a haircut, now I look like Wurzle Gummage! It is so uncomfortable with long hair!Will there be an appeal for more donations to enable kit to be serviced/inspected? If so can someone get it started? We made a donation to the "Slip" appeal and although a little short at the moment (got to buy a new washing machine!) we would still be prepared to make a small donation. Good to hear that the line is starting to come alive again.
Paul & Marion