Sunday, 31 May 2020

Actual Work at C&W


All be it not in the works and only 2 of us in attendance. Richard Budd from the maintenance team and me. 

The job which had to have board level approval and a full risk assessment was to check and maintain some of the older batteries that are still in use. We new the fluid levels were low so Richard set about checking them while strayed at the social distance 'supervising'. Actually my presence was to prevent lone working which is not allowed.

I am so glad the phone has a zoom capability for the camera. The levels were checked and topped up the SG checked on the fluid along voltage. Richard finally plugged in the charging cables and we checked all the carriages were charging. Neil will be unplugging them again on Monday. (Thanks Neil).

Its a bit trickier doing some of the tests on the platform side of carriages. Still we now know the batteries are ok. 

Another angle on the jobs to be done once we can return.

Carriage cleaning. The spiders have been having a great time. This web spreads 18" across the platform as well as along the carriage side.

and another 

This sunny weather is a very nice except for the roof of every carriage. The expansion and contraction loosens the older paint and it comes of in big flakes. However, it still leaves enough to make a lot of work cleaning it up for a repaint.

Fortunately we don't have to polish the rails.

Dave clearly has a new hobby 'Gate Leaning' he claims he was on a walk but this is the second one of him gate leaning. He is doing three walks a week now, all in the local area of course. This one was near Waterlane, looking towards Througham Slad. Ah the joy British place names. 

On one of the walks he came across a huge specimen of Dryads Saddle (polyporous squamosis) - one of his hobbies is fungi.

Dave and Lynne Hewitt have been organising another staycation (well Lynne has).  A replacement for the original Cotswold vineyard tour followed by wine tasting.  The tour was cancelled but they still managed some virtual wine tasting at home.  

Dave said 'I think we were just meant to sample the four bottles, not drink them all!'

Lynne's organised a virtual Barry Manilow concert on DVD in lieu of the cancelled one in Birmingham, a stroll to the Hewitt Arms (the newly completed bar see a previous blog)  and another virtual DVD concert  in lieu of the cancelled Petshop Boys. 

That's another week of lockdown boxed off!

There is another exiting C&W project planned for Tuesday!


Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Was there any signs of vandalism or theft? It can't be that long before the trains will start to run, thanks for the update and stay safe.
Paul & Marion

St Blazey 1925 said...

Wonderful to see work pics of the GWsR again. I am limited to watching the hourly 2 car 150 and the odd china clay come through the level crossing on the Newquay line! - Do they really need all that china clay?
Gardening, of course, is an ever present task but I and the Mrs can't wait for the pubs to reopen, even if we do have a large stock of wine at home!
Thanks for the blogs. Stay safe and hope to see more soon.
Regards, Paul.

Nelson Street said...

Nice to see some action returning! Birds nests were a regular spring problem on stock that was standing - an old tradition was that anything with an active nest would not be moved, so the Foreman would quickly dispose of any nests he saw on his daily walk around to avoid tying up too much of the yard, this was of course before Beeching destroyed the summer excursion traffic.