Saturday, 11 April 2020

Still working - but NOT as we know it!

The departments work come to a sudden halt and it has taken a while for us to sort out what we do now.  So here is a review of what we are doing.

With suitable PPE we have prepared to carry on. Cheryl at home taking every precaution.

Paul Wood has planted up the veg plot we wait to see the new shots and produce in due time. There have been suggestions of what he planted!!

Fence painting is also featuring large in the list of home jobs not done in favour of a visit to C&W. The time of reckoning has arrived at least 4 reports have been received so far. Eight panels at the front by David Hewitt there is word of another coat. 

However, with the predicted change in the weather, which doesn't seem to be materialising, its on the making the cocktail bar before the 27 panels to paint at the back. We shall see what progress actually happens.

We haven't painted the fence but the raised beds

and the bird table 

and the shed have all been done.

Some have turned to making other things some decorative bird boxes have materialised from the scraps of material in Phil Hooton's shed. They will be available to the station groups if they would like them.

There are those who still have to do a day job. Michael hard at work coding.

and Dennis working from home

Dennis is remaining true to the C&W tradition of stopping to watch the trains go by. I guess the amount of work completed may reflect the frequency of the timetable.

Alex is trying to avoid being roped into the house redecoration. He always get to do the cutting in. It all that practice lining out. He is now claiming the ability to paint 6 carriage sides in a day. Bet he can't keep that up when we are back at Winchcombe but then we don't have GWR toplights to paint.

The carriage sides are completely hand built from scratch using plastikard. The painting using a bowpen free hand for the lining out. If he can do that when we return it will save a fortune from the tape bill.

He is also constructing some buildings. This is Stone station Staffordshire It was started by his grandfather in the 70 and is now being continued by Alex. Last weeks activity was to apply all those chimneys and finials.

Tony Baker making progress on his MGB new leather for the seats is awaited. should have asked the upholstery team.

or maybe the metalwork team.

Phil deep in study but its not a Haynes manual.  The Rolt railway safety book on how not to do it  - 'Red for Danger'

Back to the railways as Nick's P'Way team are action with further track laying. 

Though I suspect negotiations will be needed to avoid leaves on the line!

a Happy Easter awaits Phil Brown's grandchildren with these turned wooden egg cups that he has made for them.

now he can get back to restoring this 1934/5 Riley 9 engine for his 1934 Kestrel 9.

Some have sunk to the depths of boredom. Russ has painted the drain cover in his drive way.

There are a lot more picture ready for another edition of the blog. Perhaps Ken Austin will have ventured inside his shed. Brenda says everything he needs is in there somewhere.

Mind you Ken personally I would advise against any suggestion of cleaning it out!

Rather than paint a rainbow to stick in the window in support of the NHS my younger Daughter Claire knitted one It now hangs on the wall of the Family 'den' just below the light sabre and IT IS WALL PAPER don't ask!

22 years ago today what were you doing? 
Something else you can't do today! 

The wedding of our elder daughter. Sarah to Richard 11th April 1998

Happy Easter. Stay safe.


Rod said...

Russ - I hope you are picking out the raised edges and makers name in white.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Nice carriage sides Alex. Is your layout purely GWR? As Stone station is North Staffs isn't it? Nice work all the same.
Here's to all at C&W. Keep safe and there is always something to do. I, personally, have just taken possession of a shipment of compost from Co. Tyrone in Ireland. 50 X 60 litres. that took some unloading, especially as the curtain sider was not fitted with a hyab! Much double (shovelling) moving. We may now have enough for the next 2 years!!
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Ah yes, you've caught me out Paul! My layout is of Stone station in pre-grouping days, so yes the order of the day is North Staffs madder lake with some LNWR thrown in as well.

The GWR toplights are purely because I wanted to see if I could build some, I think they're such an elegant design especially in that livery, and I'm easily distracted by other projects! For e.g. also on the workbench recently has been a IoW "Ventnor West" set and a gauge 1 terrier.