Saturday, 18 April 2020

staying in practice

Thank heaven for the sunshine! At least we can get out to take some fresh air.

and today thank heaven for the rain. Its nicely watered in the grass treament that we put on yesterday in so we don't have to water.

Keeping up the exercise and staying fit is important so members of C&W are doing just that.
Of course we started the week with Easter celebrations.

Claire likes the Bunny crumpets.

Andy Turner has taken 'raised' beds to a totally new 'level'. No bending for him which is surprising I thought he would want the bending to stay fit and flexible for loco firing when we get going again. Andy is also a member of the loco department. And no the wood came out of his shed, another shed tidy up, not off the loco woodpile. 

Its surprising in what we can get excited about. With bin collections in many areas suspended Jenny is delighted with the new wheelie bin.

Chris is taking the opportunity to rebuild his '71 BSA B50 Victor.  Chris also said:
I also run the Brockworth Village Weather Station ( Met office WOW site available on the internet) which feeds into the Met Office Weather data pool. It started 20 odd years ago as a biker fed up of getting wet. I need to give my weather instruments a spring clean this weekend, ooh err. So I'll be up the washing pole at some point to get to the transmitter.

Richard How stands back to reflect on his now well dug veggie plot.

Richard Pratt has undertaken the Great Plant Pot Washing.  Starting from two bin bags of dirty pots that had been lying around for ages, and discovering a need for quite a few pots for veg, He bit the bullet and decided to wash the lot. Current state of play (as of last week): 40 down, only 52 to go! They should be finished and filled by now!

Another car rebuild. This the 1957 MGA of John Varley. 

Not much fresh air for Alex. Another of his little project. He finally got round to finishing off. Again, all from scratch, this was the Isle of Wight equivalent to a GWR 14xx and autocoach.

and one not quite so little. In his own words

Having a spare gauge 1 chassis that I’ve been wondering what to do with, turns out it’s almost right for a terrier. I’d been thinking about it for a wile, and with all the extra time suddenly I decided to get stuck in, I only started this last week. Intention is to try some miniature signwriting on it when it comes to painting. I want to do the fiendishly complicated full LBSCR livery, I’m going to try and do the whole thing without transfers :-)

So whilst I’m definitely missing the big railway and the mess room chat, this lockdown’s not all bad!

Richard has been making the most of the time at home. A new workbench for home preparing many of the pieces in the C&W workshop under Eddies watchful eye. Now at home progress is continuing with much of the bench test assembled. The front rail and top still to go.

John Hill has taken a more restful approach to the staying at home by soaking up the rays. A regular pursuit at Winchcombe for lunch on sunny days.

Another revitalised compost bin. This one Steve Smith's.  along with 2 more of his projects

Fence post and rail pictured 1/2 rotted and given coup de grace by a visiting car. 

The over bridge in Gloucester was designed by Thomas Telford and opened in 1829. It is basically built in very marshy ground and the stone arch sits on bundles of faggotts. They are always saturated so as there is no oxygen they don't rot. Dry wood doesn't rot either. The interest in the fence post is that there is a layer of plastic between bottom (wet) and top (dry) at V shape joint between top and bottom. There is also a drain cut in the top V to keep it dry. Failed post didn't have this, haven't had a failure of one that does yet.

LED Wall light (Steve makes the LED strips for our carriages)

As supplied this light had a bulb on its side that lit only the left half of the fitting. Now has 2 led  assemblies with 6 leds in each and a small power supply. Small resistors adjust the current sharing, 1/3 rd out the bottom, 2/3 rd out the top. And even!

Ian like many is doing the odd jobs at home

and cutting the lawn

Me with the joke/fun birthday present from last month. Its a card press out model.

with most of the other jobs done what the heck build the engine. 

Spring is sprung and the lambs are about this one found on the footpath by Andy and Jenny while out for a walk.

 and finally -  part of a message from a friend of mine


St Blazey 1925 said...

Very nice models of the IOW Alex.
Also, very much like the spider joke.
Me? I'm getting on with gardening and fence painting. The latter is harder than it sounds as I'm changing the colour from forest green (mouldy look), to terracotta, which needs two coats!
thanks for the blog.
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You are welcome Paul I am trying to keep the blog going on a once a week basis during the shutdown.