Sunday, 1 March 2020

Counting Down

As we count down to the start of the running season the activity seems to get a little more frenetic with lots of thing nearing completion and me wishing they were all finished.

Having got 24949 into the barn to finish the reinstallation of seats and to sort out a couple of ceiling issues. It was all hands the On Wednesday the woodworks cut a new ceiling framework section and skin,. The Thursday guys assembled it (here) 

Old and new together

and fitted it and the light fitting. On Saturday Steve fitted it the trim.  

In the mean time Bob inspected the roof and found where the water was getting that did the damage. He duly repaired and painted it.

In side the upholstery team refitted the rest of the side panels and arm rests and trimmed the seat backs. 

Paul followed on cleaning 

 another compartment completed

Penny and Jenny returned to recovering another seat back for the carriage. We are on a rolling replacement of seats in the carriage so sometime this summer we will be revisiting the carriage to swap the next set of new seats in and worn ones out.

Steve fitted the trim in the compartment where the ceiling has also been replaced. Hw also put the new vestibule section up in 'Mary'

Richard and Paul have completed the repairs to the War week end van 

so it just remained for Alex to repaint the numbering.

4772 is also near to completion. Phil re fitted the electrical inter carriage connectors 

before starting on the hand basins in the toilets.

Steve was again busy at the other end fitting the 2 sliding doors to the north end vestibule. One up ok but the flooring is a little higher that originally so the other door will need a bit of shortening.

 We have finally got 9000 back into the barn to refit the overhauled spring. Then it was on with the ride height set up.

The one carriage not nearing completion is 34929 in the main workshop. The new Marnolium is now fitted

and promptly covered up while Ken connects up and tests the heating pipes. Not having a mobile or any other system for steam generation available the test is only using compressed air. At least that flows round the system and cuts off when the values are closed.

The next job will be to build the seat frames.

various bits of the exterior are still progressing with George doing more prep work on this door before applying some undercoat.

the CK 16221 is not completely forgotten with Ed producing the vertical gangway woods

they were promptly measured up and drilled for the mount bolts by Ken

and painted by Alex along with some signs for RCS.

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