Thursday, 19 March 2020

Back to normal - not quite!

With the winter closedown over there is till a lot of maintenance jobs to get done and they will form a rolling program throughout the summer. Mainly meaning a series of shortish visits to the barn while the normal restoration programme continues in the rest of the works.

34929 New seat ends are being made in a light oak finish to continue that themes for the disable access area of the carriage.

Colin fitted the interior gangway door and the locks to the outer sliding door.

Richard is working on the panelling f one of the doors.

while Trevor and Craig fitted the Malvern side guards door. Always a great relief when we have had to rebuild the entire door pillar.

Geoff cut and prepped the second length of skirting for the corridor.

There was a 3 man team stripping old paint from the phone box.

Another group set about dismantelling the kitchen area of the RBr 1675

These sinks were out by the end of Wednesday.

Yep they are out along with a lot of other stuff!

They revealled what we fearted, and rather knew would be the case, large holes in the steel floor supports. Conclusions removal everything and a complete new floor

Ah tranquillity and calm as long as large needles don't spook you. John and Jenny sewing another set back. the needle around 8 inches long passing backward and forwards between them through the seat. Dave keeping out of the way.

While David was preparing more side panels and arm rests. All of this the complete the seat replacements in 24929. Another rolling replacement of seats.

last Thursday work on 34929's interior was in full swing with of the cleaning up the corridor hand rails

and window trims

Happy punters of the Cheltenham

 and at lunch time the locos back in Toddington running round ready  for the return trip later in the day to collect them.

Steve was fitting the sliding doors mounts in 34929 before we refit the water tank

More rqce prep as the Third rake is made ready for Fridays run from Broadway for the Gold Cup Day

Ken fitted new woods to the south end of CK 16221 ready for the gangway connector to be refitted.

He was later checking out the position for the north end woods.

On Saturday Chris was fitting a door liner for door 1 of 34929

and Bob cleaned up the roof opening ready for the water tank to be refitted. Once in place we put a  plate round the tanks filler boss and over the hole

John Squires prepared the over size plate allowing some manoeuvring to position it.

Fitting out the new saloon area in light oak means we will also have to make new seat ends to match Ed and David have started and clamped the first newly veneers seat end while the glue hardens

Some work really has started on RBr 1675 with the old kitchen range being removed.

It was back to normal but events have overtaken us. This is not the end. We may not be running trains but there is still some activity more very soon.

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A super informative blog.thank you.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Thanks for the update in these rather frightening times.
Regards, Paul.