Monday, 10 February 2020

The Swan

The department can at times resemble a swan in the way things work. On the surface all is smooth and controlled ,at present that's the Wagon section of the department..

Richard and Paul got the Cotswold side doors refitted on Saturday.

However, you don't have to look far to find the under the surface there is a lot of rapid paddling going on to apparently stand still. The carriage - work where there is a lot of activity squeezed into the short closed season to keep the operational fleet up together and fit to run.

Sections of skirting painted ready to fit

And Tony doing some finer lettering highlighting on a makers plate.

On Wednesday Dave and Dave were making repairs to the paintwork on 24929. Fortunately it was a dry and sunny, though not warm, day.

It was finished off with the lining out by Dave and Ainsley on Saturday.

Russ repainted the counter in the Maroon RMB.

while on Saturday Den fitted the new water boiler.

before moving on to working on the C&C RBr. During the week the welders with various assistance rebuild the floor structure and refitted the floor .The lino still needs to be sorted.

In the workshop Den was also working on a modification to the water boiler to take create a double take off point.

Back to Wednesday and Tony having a little walk round to see what was going on stopped to talk with John while he prepared a wheelset for a swap with one under 5023.

5023 was shunted in on Thursday  and the wheelset was swapped by the two Andy's with some assistance from Ken. The swap was completed and the body lowered but the brake rigging still needs reconnecting.

More work on the Maroon RMB. a small window for a little skirt line repair work while the roof was been patch painted. It still awaits the roof repair next Wednesday.

In 34929 the heat insulation has been put into the saloon.

while John Squires cleaned and painted the heating pipes

One dried in time to put moved back ready for fitting.

Work on 4772 in still progressing with the fitting out of the toilets by Colin (Cotswold side)

and Geoff (Malvern side)

followed on by Rod with a paint brush

Steve completed the panelling at the other end

just the sliding doors to be fitted now

Another area of apparent calm until I asked for the seats to be refitted in 24949

Pam back with us after an absence with a shoulder injury. So back to practicing the welding skills again with John tutorledge . Ready for active service soon.


Paul Wilson said...

Thanks for this update.

Why does the new water boiler look like a Christmas tree? I have looked at it every which way and am very confused (was before I looked at the blog!).

Powli Wilson said...

One hell of a job seems 4772. It must have been in a bad state.

Rod said...

The main work was repairing the Crash Pillars and Base plate and a lot of internal panels have to be removed, this is not possible without damaging them. There had also been some water ingress.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "Christmas tree" pattern just the effect of the reflection of the camera flash from the polish pattern on the stainless steel? Look up 2" Classic Engine Turn online and you'll see lots - and variations of it too.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Yes there is a patterned finish to the new boiler. I have no ideas why. its not Christmas trees tho'