Friday, 14 February 2020


Not exactly chess but at times it can seem like it. With the wheelset work on 5023 completed it was ready for a shack down and checks while the shunter was running and it was a fine day the opportunity was taken to extract the Syphon wagon from the siding next to the yard side of the works as its wanted at Toddington by the 2807 group who own the van. The RBr 1675 was moved closer to the works ready for further work before the full scale rebuild starts on it. 

Work on the RMB 1876 is just about complete after some more patch repairs and painting on the sides

the roof being cleaned up and repainted.

and the hole in the roof repaired. It does still need this last little bit painted. then job done.

with the shunting going on a few rarely vehicles sites were more visible.

unfortunately not always from the best angle as the sun is always in the wrong place for pictures when walking round the yard.

work on 4772 is drawing close to completion with the toilets just about ready for flooring, we have it scheduled for the end of next week. then the actual fittings can go back in

one little mod an updated round the edge to create a wet room effect it was done by BR in the past but isn't always there now when we come to overhauling the carriages

and the north end vestibule painting is well advanced

The floor repairs in the RBr1672 have been completed

 Some more lengths of skirting board are also being prepared.

Richard has completed the draw for the vacuum cylinder bench. Here Ian is starting to fill it with the seals and rings for cylinder overhauls. Previously we had them stored in the office at the other end of the building. not exactly convenient!

Welcome to David Deacon (the 16th David in the department?) who joined the woodwork team last week gets stuck into making door panels.

Ed was starting work on the trim edges for the new saloon area seat ends in 34929. He is making new ones for the area to match up with the light oak panelling we have fitted.

The heading pipes have now been fitted both sides so we are ready for the flooring to go in. Work on that is starting next week.

Trevor recessing the locking handle back plate for one for one of the double doors to 34929.

While Dave progressed more seat side trim panels in the upholstery shop. Some of the team were, with much assistance from others around the department, refitting the seats in 24949. 

Still a way to go but a lot of seat backs and basses have been transferred from storage back into the carriage. They just need fitting!

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