Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Suffering with a large bout of sneezes - a stinky cold! So a couple of days doing very little after a very hectic week.

4772 is getting much closer to completion. On Wednesday Geoff was cutting an upstand for the floor edging in the toilets.

and fitting it

ready for Thursday when Bob and Pete Webb arrived to screed the floor in both the south and north end vestibules

they also did the new saloon area of 34929

they returned on Saturday to fit the Marnolium to 4772 and will be back hopefully next week to do the same to 34929. That is dependant on the selected Marnolium arriving.

4772 can now have the toilets refitted at the south end and the sliding doors at the north end.

On Wedneday working on 34929 Craig was fitting a door liner. Saturday Chris was in doing the same to another door!

Derek has started sorting flooring boards for the north end toilet 

Wednesday and more wood panelling work for David. By the end of th day there was quite a pile glued and clamped

Ainsley painting at the south end of 34929. The painters currently with only small bits to do are making some good progress with the prep for this carriage.

On Thursday Tony and Alan sorted this set of strip panels for 34929 

they were sanded 

and with Bob around they were soon varnished 

The new footboards were also painted.

Nigel and Brian are working on rebuilding some slider for the windows. we have lots of bit and a shortage of complete one available.

Phil refurbishing taps. He had to make his own washers they just don't come it this size anymore.

Its not an official departmental standard but Richard Hoy and Phil Brown just happen to match up.

A delivery just! getting the old phone box in the side entrance to the barn was quite a feat by Steve. There simply isn't any turning space in this area.

Rob set about stripping the old paint off. Sorting the method isn't so easy that paint sure sticks on in some places.

Another deliver this a batch of new steelwork collected by Nick and |Ken from the South Devon. we will needs much of this to the RBr restore that's just about to start.

An alignment issue is revealed by this brake block with a distinct lip on the right hand edge.
New blocks required and an adjustment to the washer positioning when mounting it.

Jenny, here, and Penny spent much of Saturday refitting the seats in 24949

a couple of seats were sent to the upholstery shop for recovering

and the week contained yet more carriage moves. The timing wasn't wonderful as the rain was particularly heavy as this move took place.


St Blazey 1925 said...

What a lot of work done in so short a space of time. Well done.
Hope the cold goes shortly.
regards, Paul.

Powli Wilson said...

Thanks, what a lot of beautiful flooring and timber panelling on 4772, will look forward to taking a ride sometime.


Jo said...

If my memory serves me right, it is risky moving a K7 box by lifting it through the slot of the 'TELEPHONE' window, as the top may break off. It weighs 750Kg and is made of cast iron, which only works well through compression.
I have a picture of a box with the top broken off if anyone is interested.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks Joe. Its not going out that way so no problem.