Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Whats been going on?

With working routines disrupted by the ritual of holidays and other issues that have sadly dragged me away there hasn't been much time for blogging lately.

So here at last is a bit of a round up. So what's where because things have moved. The shark was completed and shunted out

Picture - Paul Wood

the new roof and quite a bit of general tidying up down It still needs to stop over the pit on its way back into service for a grease up of the plough guides unseen but very important.

Picture - Rod Wells

The Shark was replaced by the LNWR Van Which has suffered some bad de-layering of the plywood sides. Investigations have shown some of this was caused by damp from the inside. It appears the sand bags used for the war week-end were put away wet and some stacked against the side. The wet seaped out.

Richard and Paul have set about removing and replacing the affected panels

16221 has been moth balled to make space for winter shut down work.  It has been shunted out 

and the first carriage in is the Model Railway Carriage with a reported leak it the north end of the roof. There is nothing very obvious but the end vent doesn't look great so we shall reseal that and do a general paint of the roof in that area. A great start has been made on remove some badly flacking paint from the roof. We will try and apply a coat of varnish to put a shine back on the paintwork time permitting. the bloom has already been wshed off and some minor filling done.

Remaining in the workshop is 34929 which still needs a little metalwork replaced. it was done but alignment with the doors either side of this section didn't look good. To be fair it was good before but it will look a lot better when done.

The Cotswold side looks a lot better with some painting being done around the windows.

and the interior panelling is progressing along the corridor

John Osborn is Tig welding the Stainless steel handles for the disabled access of the carriage the mount plates are angled to allow for the curvature of the carriage sides

another test fit to make sure.

Inside the compartment ceiling are now back up and painted.

In the paintshop 4772 is almost completely painted 

The South end painting is nearly done.

However, we still have the vestibules and toilet floors to complete at both ends along with re-hanging the gangway connectors. First we have to paint the wood sections for the gang way connector

With some stacked on another paintable we have a batch enough for 3 ends!

3 comments: said...

Great to have your blog back. Happy new year to you all.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need marine-grade plywood on the LNWR van.
Jim B in Tennessee

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Mike: I am still adjusting to Dave's absence and thus lose of input plus the extra work I have taken. Not helped by the passing of my brother. Hopefully we will achieve a little more equilibrium next month. It maybe weekly rather daily I will see.