Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Winter Close down is upon us

As the operational activities of the railway close down our winter maintenance kicks in.

The RBr that that get so much use is up for some attention. The Grills have been removed for cleaning the down side bacon butties! The floor by the sink will also need some attention.

The main rakes gets a wash and is checked through for other issues to be added to the list of fixes required.

Also not as accessible as you might think the Model Railway Carriage is in for reported hole in the roof to be fixed. It may be static but the expectation of a visit to it is ever present. Bob Mac (here) and Maurice were soon on the roof hole hunting flacking paint removal rust protecting and then repainting.

having the opportunity and know the roof would take about a week to deal with some cosmetic work is also being down Cotswold side only, That's the platform and weather side, Initially a little filling and sanding

Some seat repairs have been done in one of the North York Moors Carriages with the arm rests being sew up in several compartments. The moquette on the ends of the armrests is pretty rotten and renewing them requires the seat to be removed to get the arm rests out. Not something for the short winter close down. Jenny

and Penny worked there way through the carriage assessing and repairing as they went.

They also noticed there are no seat number. Something we need for seat allocation of the race trains if this carriage gets included in the rakes for that event. It probably will. Yes the races are not until March but we are already having to commit to the setup of the rakes. A seat number set retrieved and washed ready for fitting.

The Model Railway Carriage looks very tired so the spruce up is including renewal of the lettering. It keeps Alex busy.

and makes a huge difference

as does a coat of varnish something we should have done originally. This door was a test section to see how much difference it would make and to assess how well it would cover up the filler and patch painting that had been done.

What a difference and the patch painting is barely noticeable

its the very bottom edge if you were looking for it..

Ok so do the rest. They did have to leave the sections were Alex was working on the lettering

 A little 'entertainment' was available during the week with Neil bringing the track and sleepers to the yard out of the way from the viaduct while that is being repaired.

work is still continuing in the workshop on the longer term works. The end woods for the south end of 4772 are being replaced. Trimmed and drilled by Ken

while Andy, free from the loco department wood pile for the day, did some painting.

All in place and the gangway connecter rehung. 

At the North end Steve was working on mounts for the panelling and the track for the sliding door.

Colin and Geoff were cutting out the panelling for the south end.

New rain covers will also be fitted. Jerry cutting some out of what used to be a road haulage track cover.

 Richard was busy making a draw for the vacuum cylinder workbench. It will enable us to keep spares for cylinder overhauls where we need them not stored in the office.

Having rebuilt this section of the carriage side on 34929. Door locks need to be repositioned.

Back on the winter works this door from 3132 has a broken window slider. Being a cast door window replacement is more difficult as the guide bar that has to be removed is normally, and in this case, held in place by screws that wont undo. Of course a temporary replacement door also had to be fitted to the carriage.

The following Picture are by Paul Wood. Thanks for filling the gap of Thursday.

Two cracked windows have been found and are being replaced. Nigel and Alan on one

Tony and new started Geoff on the other. Welcome Geoff.

The welders in unfamiliar territory looking to assess another reported roof leak and the potential patch required. 

Then 2 electricians showed up as well. 

With all the carriages available we have to work on them where ever they are. We moved the main rake across to platform 2 so that we could get at the windows having already removed the door from the other side of 3132 while the rake was still in platform 1. It will have to go back to put the door back on! Its time for a lot of usually small shunting moves but occasionally bigger ones.

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Powli Wilson said...

Thanks for this detailed update, the Alex's painting work is finished to a very professional standard (as is everything in C 7 W!)
I was also pleased to have the up-date on the Model railway carriage because I only alight at Winchcombe in order to visit the model coach, I only have a loft railway at home.

Powli Wilson