Friday, 31 January 2020

Rapid turn rounds

The rapid turn round of carriages continues with the Royal Mail carriage leaving the works. The Discovery carriage replaced it. 

An inspection of the roof found that it was largely in good order with a coupe of spots where the driving rain could get in A clean up[ and application of a flexible paint with another coat over the top of that should keep the weather out. The end plate was given a quick clean and repaint while the roof work proceeded

No time for a coat of varnish so out came the polish to brighten up the dull brown.

On the adjacent jack road after the stream leak has been fixed along with the vacuum cylinder the body was lowered and the brake rigging reconnect ready for shunting out. While the carriage was waiting to be shunted Stu got in with a clean out of some flacking body filler and paint. then new filler under coat and top coat. All very quick but good preventative work in the time available.

4772 has not been forgotten amid the winter work The corridor connections are back on both ends and finishing off painting is under way.

These panel still need to be fitted in the toilets but they are painted ready for fitting.

On Wednesday Geoff was fitting the Malvern side panels. Here the insulation is going im.

 Colin was doing the same on the Cotswold side.

One of the panels was only primed so on Thursday Richard was on with the undercoat.

Phil was doing top coat on another panel.

Jenny and below Penny were doing remedial upholstery work on seats along the Maroon set.

while David was making some new side panels for another carriage that is under going a fast refresh. All this work keeps the cariages going and looking good until they reach their turn for a full restore some time in the future.

Skirting boards for 34929 are lined up for base painting. 

while at the north end the door 1 entrance gets a little adjustment.

Internally Bob is almost finished painting all the compartment ceilings. 

 The CK although outside is not forgotten with Derek working on the floor panels for the corridor.

Richard in the final stages of making the draw for the vac cylinder bench.

The rotation carriages as we went through the week with Discovery carriage shunted out and the main rake RBr brought in.The Communication cord mechanism has been reported as stiff so the first job was to free it up John hamer soon had it in hand.

 Internally the floor in front of the sinks has become very springy and needs stegthening.

The picture is somewhat confussing you are looking verticall down through the floor where 2 new support structs have been inserted and painted with red oxide.

we decided to do the same fix by the other sink again an ariel view with the floor removed and awaiting the new support bars. However, it was to late in the day to weld and the cross member we wanted to attach to is little more that rust. So it will need repairs first.

A new wood panel has alreadty been prepared ready to go back in.

While we are waiting on that there may be time for a little patch repair on the Malvern side although the carriage will almost certainly end up in the yard by Saturday. as 1876 nwhich has also come in for a steam leak check will be swapped to the through barn road for roof checks under the hire wire safety cable.

The jack road should be getting the discovery carriage back in for a wheelset swap.

Now are you keeping up with which carriage is were? No - join the club!


St Blazey 1925 said...

I think I have the gist of what transpired. I DO know that a "very well done to you all" is warranted. 'Musical chairs' has nothing on this!
Well done.
Regards, Paul.

Iver Driver said...

Great work keeping the rakes up to scratch - having travelled on a number of preserved lines (and main line), I'd say your Mk 1's are amongst if not the best!