Monday, 13 January 2020

Don't Blink

Things are coming back together fairly quickly now with e end woods on 4772 and connector on

we still have to fit the joining U section. Painted black now after the picture was taken

more of the 'hidden' wood work is in place with the back plate for the electrical inter carriage connector fitted and a loose trim panel sized up. This was out again Saturday for a quick coat of preservative and then undercoat.

Phil has refitted the cistern for one of the toilets.

while Richard applied the transfers

Those trim panels for the toilets all got a coat of paint having been carefully marked up so we know where they fit.

Ken moved onto fitting the first part of the end woods on the north end.

and preparing the rest

and Steve returned to panel fitting in 34929

while John Osborn was busy cleaning up the stainless steel grab handles.

Alex completed the lettering with the various highlights

The roof of the mail carriage has been completed thanks to some great work by Ainsley Bob and Maurice.,

The whole roof done. I was only hoping to get the Cotswold side tidies up! The Malvern side is not seen.

The first of the bogies for overhaul during the closed season was in stripped and largely rebuilt. Axle boxes examined new seals fitted

Part of the process to clean up and check for damaged threads on the bolts.

The upholstery team having done their bit fore the first rake were back sorting out another rolling replacement of seats.

The cutting plan for the moquette squeezes every last bit out of the role for use.

Then there is the plan of seats to do and marking off the ones done. You don't want to get to the end and find you have 2 left hand seats when you want a left and right!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Alex at his usual high standard of sign writing we see. The varnish coat really does cheer the paintwork up.
Also everyone else in the department going at full tilt.
Well done all!
Regards and a Happy New Year, Paul.

Iver Driver said...

Great Blog. The mail coach "refresh" looks great. The cutting plan for the moquette is a work of art! Well done to all who are hard at work at this time of year.