Thursday, 16 January 2020

3 combs 2 tickets and 50P

During the mwinter shutdown there is a lot of attention given to the operational carriages. This requires a lot of seats to lifted. There were carriages getting the attention today one with all seats out the other with just one section of the open carriage. The net haul; of thins found under the seats amounted to

as the title suggests 2 Tickets 3 plastic combs all black (and not with dirt) 2x20p and 1x10p coins
an inhaler 5 crayons of various colours and a biro.

The emergency repair to door 6 from 3132 is complete with Trevor and Paul refitting the window and scissors mechanism. Late on we got the panelling bacvk onb as well so the door is rerady to be rehung on the carriage. 

The panelling in the toilets of 4772 in the paint shop is being refitted.

and the gangway connection screwed in place with the U section having been inserted. 

Rex and Bryan were busy with that I can never remember but something like 45 screws into the wood and a similar number of bolts fastening it to the rubber section. 

Bryan with the section ready for the other end NOT AGAIN! Yep. Ken got the woods all on ready.

Varnishing and painting were in full swing in 34929 Des and Dave on varnish with Bod Keyte doiung the ceilings in the 4 compartments.

Another not so little job on the side for Nick. well he had nothing else to do!

A new signal post for S&T. The art is to get the base plate on square to the post from all angles and attach the support fillets to keep it that way. Welded and painted all in the day. 

Another advantage of the roller shutters on the barn. It wouldn't have been possible outside. There was far to much wind to keep the gas shield round the weld.

We just have to wait and see how well it stands up now. 


Jacksparrow said...

I think the 10p may be mine. Please keep it as a donation to the GWSR

St Blazey 1925 said...

FYI. The things you see on Ebay!!
Whilst browsing on Ebay yesterday, I found for sale an early pattern GWR coach body (4wheeler - possibly wheeler no chassis with it or floor), for the princely sum of £1,200 (buyer collects) for Bromyard! It was unusual in that it has round topped doors (all complete along with handles and hinges etc - not currently fitted). Would make a nice addition to any of your station platforms! The description states that it is in good condition for its age with stretchers etc fitted to keep it square.
Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Ah, sounds like a Holden coach, designed for London suburban services, hence the round topped doors, to stop them hitting tunnel roofs. Same idea on the metropolitan coaches. Sadly I don't think it's the sort of thing that would ever rise to the top of our priority list! Lots of nice signwriting and lining out though, if someone buys it, I'll paint it... :-)

Tony Kerrison said...

If you can find 3 volunteers & some 'Bronco' toilet-paper, you could start a band with the 3 combs found under various seats!