Thursday, 5 December 2019

Tuesday and Wednesday

With my wife out for lunch on Tuesday and the garden fence being replaced on Thursday. It was a good week to to do a Tuesday at C&W.

Tueday is still a quiet day at the works with mainly painters in attendance. Well there are very few others to make any dust. Phil Jones and Richard Hoy were working on the Malvern side of 4772 respectively painting the south end section with under coat and the top brown line with a second top coat.


having a coat of one colour, I suspect almost any colour, does let you see more clearly where further filling and sanding is needed. So quite a lot then.

The Cotswold side is very close to finished again just the south end to go.

By Wednesday Rod was able to remove the tape the lower black line having been painted.

while Ainsley, late in the day got the first top coat applied to that southern Malvern corner.

With the sun low in the sky David has found a very pleasant spot to do the seat head rests for 34929

The sun does stream in to the upholstery shop in the afternoon. as Dave and in the background John Hill continue the seemingly never end line of seats for restoration.

Rex and John Hamer took a trip to Toddington to investigate a steam leak in the NYM carriage on the main rake. Having effective way to test the heating before a carriage goes into service we try and do a test as soon the carriage is put into the rake. This time that was thwarted by the rain causing the cancellation of the first race train for the November Cheltenham meet. 

We had no reports from the Saturday run and nothing until a vague report of a carriage being filled with steam on the fist Santa train. This was not all that helpful as there are 2 heaters to each  compartment (total 16 heaters) so which one or more are leaking. By the time we had found out and could investigate the 2 compartments affected were saturated. The heaters have been removed and pipes blanked while we sort the heaters out back at Winchcombe.

While we should be able to refit the heaters on Thursday the compartments seats are not going to be dry by the week-end.

Here Rex is stripping the end plates from one of the heaters. The seal clearly blown.

Another of those background jobs the twice yearly inspection of the lifting gear.

and just for variety today Foremarke Hall arrived to be loaded onto a transporter for a trip to Tyseley. The loading road at Toddington is currently blocked by scaffolding.

Last Saturday Steve made some more progress with the disabled access to the salon by starting the installation of the runners for the double doors.

Derek has almost completed the corridor floor for 16221

while Bob Mac has undercoated one side of the roof.

Sorry about the picture quality. I seem to have got some grease on the lens.

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