Sunday, 15 December 2019

mid-week workings

At the moment the blog is as far as possible an update on a vehicle by vehicle basis rather than a strict time line. 

The first pictures are from Thursday where the interior team of Alan, Tony and Nigel (Pat has broken his leg and we wish him a speedy recovery) fitted the last o the new ceiling panels

and Bob followed on painting.

However the day before on Wednesday The door team, here Craig working on door 2. When hung it almost shuts. The door liner needs a bit more shaved off  yet. 

Paul was fitting the veneered panel to one o the double doors.

On 4772 Bryan was itting the end loor beam and the chequer plate floor plate for the gangway connection.

a lot of the floor panelling is reusable but its all got a new coat of protective bitumastic paint before fitting.

Gerry on the prep work and preparing the supporting wood work

It all goes in here somehow!

The finishing work continued all around Richard Hoy on the end section

Rod on lining out

Phil was working on the restoration of some more heater bars after we found some leaking one on the main rake last week.

Rex was doing the same on another work bench.

Ken and Bryan are also working on making some new corner brackets or the sliding windows we need some restored one or 16221 which has some missing.

Having taken a safari down the yard to extract some sheets of ply from a storage vehicle they were soon being cut to make new seat side wall sections.

while with the new rolls of moquette that arrived on Wednesday stored on the racks John was back to making up new seat covers.

Relaxed at his work Richard from the maintenance team was taking advantage of the warm and dry environment o the workshop to install the electrical charging system on 34929

We had a visit from the loco department with a sign for the new loco department facilities. Some sensitive restoration is required

As they were with us I handed over one of the new de-fib unit that have kindly been donated. The other is to be installed around C&W

2 comments: said...

Some very busy guys i see well done.

St Blazey 1925 said...

34929 is coming along nicely, as is 4772. Much work achieved here. Well done all.
Regards and 'Sidings of comfort and joy' to you all, Paul.