Thursday, 5 December 2019

In the Background

As a department the work we do is largely in the background with the only the resulting vehicles being on show and in use. However, some of the work is even further hidden and never seen by the public nor many of the volunteers. 

Such is the paperwork!  Ainsley is making great progress in setting up the computer stored documentation for the department. The promise of warmth in the departments office may just be the attraction. The difference in temperature between there and the barn is is I suspect at time around 20 deg C.

Another area of the works that tends to be warmer is the upholstery shop where progress on seating is frequently out of step with where the carriage rebuilds are. This does give them the opportunity to do rolling replacements of seating in the carriages where the moquette is well worn. 

There is a noticeable difference in the repair and replacement requirements of the seating to the carriages as a whole. Its all about the 'passenger miles' rather than the 'carriage miles'. Or in basic terms bums on seats wearing them out. We are seeing a noticable increase in the need for all internal maintenance with the increase in passenger numbers.

David has very much become master of the side panels and head rests

While Dave strips and prepares the base units

before they pass on to John Jenny and Currently poorly Penny, get well soon  Penny.

Tony one of our 'senior members' gets through a lot of parts painting on the painttables. In the foregrouns a new set of rail plates to bribges over the wheel flange trenches in the workshop floor when moving trolleys and hoists.

with finishing touches to the end repairs on 4772 being made

rebuilding the floors in starting. while we have to strip the ends down for crash pillar repairs its the reflooring and panelling afterwards that takes the time. 

Panelling and doors continue to be the main focus of work on 34929 at present. Colin fitting a window frame in. This area of the carriage originall had thick placking being part of the brake and goods area of the carriage. So adjustments are having to be made to accomadate the rather finer veneeered panels that will be installed.

 The Shark now has its new roof which has been painted and is just about reasdy for out shopping. Just a bit of trimming round the edges left to do.

In the barn Derek is relaying the floor along the corridor of CK16221.

while the vertical strip of steel that backs the gangway connection woods it replaced. along with window corners and crash pillars its another of the areas guaranteed to rust on a Mk1.

 The door team continue to focus on the double doors for 34929's disabled access. Trevor working on one side with Paul doing the other.

In an attempt to make it easier to enter the carriage via the double doors we are fitting internal grab handles. These will be backed by these, soon to be hidden, steel plates and bolted to them. A solid mount point.

On Saturday Eddie and Steve sorted some ceiling sections for the Thursday gang to fit. The 'post room' trolleys are proving to be incredibly useful. carrying doors sheet panels and numerous other things they are easy to manoeuvre round the works.

After several coats of varnish over the last week the glass has been fitted to the partition door.

Another coat of paint for the floor plates. 

and the ceiling in the entrance vestibule of 34929

On Thursday Alan and Tony grabbed the floor space in the salon area of 34929 to trim and prep the ceiling panels. The cut outs round the light fittings etc.

Before starting to fit them.

Joining them, and the railway for the first time was Nigel Eavers.  He was soon getting into the action desaling with the trim strip round the panelling. 

We will let Nigel keep his nice new overalls clean for a little while before he getting to close to this lot. The Dirty Gang. Here removing the broken spring from 9000. The top leaf is broken in the the central shackle. A new top leaft will be needed when John takes it away for repairs.

Revelling in the protection of the barn Richard from the maintenance teram sorts out a circuit fo rthe guards trackside light. We have installed a delay switch that leavs the light on for 5 minutes allowing the Guard to alight from the carriage after dark and still see where they are going and putting their feet

The shunt started ok but the weather didn't hold up they curtailed the moves for the day.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Much activity then! Well done to all on the work progress.
No trackside lights when I was a Guard on the big railway. You just placed your Bardic lamp on the footstep and went down slowly until ground level was reached. Many times even the yard lamps were not lit at late (early?) hours!
Regards, Paul.

jnc said...

So I was reading "along with window corners and crash pillars its another of the areas guaranteed to rust on a Mk1", and I wondered if it's possible to make changes that would change that? Do I recall some changes to the drainage to the side windows, to do just that? It seems a waste of energy to keep fixing the exact same things time and again, instead of making changes so they don't keep happening!