Thursday, 7 November 2019


Now we are into November the regular train services have ended The rakes are suddenly all available for maintenance and over the last couple of week a list of jobs has been drawn up.

Neil Carr has delivered the main rake to Winchcombe for us. We have that available for 10 days before it is needed for the November Cheltenham race meet. The Hospitality trains run on 2 of the 3 days of the meet. The first job was to switch the 2 North Yorks Moors coaches 25488 which we are removing has some frayed seating that needs attention and a temperamental brake cylinder. While the switch was being done it also gave an opportunity to do some tests of the cylinder. It failed the tests and will be overhauling during the winter. 

Two seats in 5042 were identified as needing attention. The upholstery team got them removed and one replaced the while they did a complete replacement of the moquette on the other seat 

and got it refitted all in the day! Slick work well done.

On Tuesday John Hamer managed to free up and repair the stuck window slider and another adjacent one that was very close to failing.  He also managed to remove a door jab where the door hinge screws wouldn't hold properly. Ed made a new one on Wednesday and the plan is for Steve to fit the new one on Saturday. followed by someone to varnish or paint it.

Wednesday was time to remove this door panel

Clearly it had been kicked at some stage! A replacement has been identified adjusted and is ready to fit.

Some other assessments were made and cunning plan now exists to address them. details as they get dealt with!
The BG was also moved ready for some seats to moved into storage awaiting the carriage they are intended for.

There was still progress in the works. The south end gangway was removed for the crash pillar and end repairs to be done

The end plate work looks a lot better than usual just 2 areas to replace at the top.

The new base plate and replacement sections were all cut and prepped by the end of the day

At the north end its over to the woodwork team to refit the floor.

The door team on the other had stuck to dealing with the double door access in 34929. Both pairs of doors now hang nicely and Paul has started on the Cotswold side lock.

Another bucket to kick... sorry paint when we get a chance. So that could be about September 2020. No promises though.

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