Friday, 1 November 2019

Wednesday - all over the place

A peculiar day with several arriving later than usual. We must all have turned our home boilers on from the number of service engineers being called!

Derek continued his work on the Shark veranda. Removing the rotten planking on the Malvern side. The Cotswold side was replaced a few years ago. We just happened to have enough planking left from the roof and end to get this bit done.

The planking cut to size and the undercoat applied by Richard

Steve Smith was busy making up some more control boards for the LED strip lights

With Ken finishing off the north end welding on 4772. Attention has moved to the south end. The outer skin, the remains of the base plate and crash pillar were all removed and the first new section of base plate and crash pillar prepared and welded in.

Work was soon under way by John Varley preparing the next section of base plate. The yellow piece is the baseplate template we keep to work too. while in the back ground Ainsley was working on a gangway U section.

The door team were busy working on the double doors on both sides of 34929. Inserting the lock plate on one side and test hanging and aligning the 2 doors on the other.

The door hinge alignment tool devised by Craig and in use by Trevor. It ensures we get he holes straight to connect up the back plate.

The chill obviously in the air with the exhaust billowing as it condenses. Dinmore Manor departs Winchcombe mid afternoon.

The unseen activities were also abounding with a collection of replacement Oxygen cylinders and a collection of new double glazing units for 16221 and an assment of seats in 2 TSO's in the running rakes.

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