Friday, 1 November 2019

Tuesday - from a distance

Why from a distance ? 

Well I wasn't there. So this is a combined report with Ricrad Stone providing the pictures and Alex the write up. Thanks to both.

Stu, Maurice and Richard Stone were all working on the Shark roof. They have managed to overcome the difference in height between the centre hoops and the end hoops on the roof. Some seroius spacers were needed.

By the end of the day the roof in place.

and indeed the south end which Derek got panelled.

John Hamer and Tony Barnard were working on axles in the barn, meanwhile the rest carried on painting 4772. The Cotswold side is now all in first top coat except 1 door still in undercoat and some door edges which may need a little filler to fill some cracks. 

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Iver Driver said...

The shark is looking good! Nice to see this old workhorse getting some tlc.