Friday, 8 November 2019


Today pictures are again thanks to Nick.

There was some great progress on Wednesday with the south end welding on 4772 that was continued today with the base plate and both inner crash pillars being welded in place.

Work also started on reskinning the end. The corners are always the trick bit.

Richard Hoy was able to make progress with painting at the north end.

While Bob Mac was second top coating the Cotswold side of the roof.

There is a lot of shunting as the brakes and vacuum cylinders are tested and checked.

One overhauled vac cylinder on route to be being installed under one of the Chocolate and cream rake coaches. Not the usual route so I guess the path through the works was rather busy.

Bob Keyte was top coating the ceiling in 34929's new saloon area

While a number of smaller components were prepared. Bolts cleaned up

Bryan working on mark 2 of the stretcher window locks. The originals were all broken but enough remained to see how they worked. The mark1 version was just a little to tight. 

Rob prepping another section of metal plating for 4772. with a couple of people doing the base prep work allows the welders to focus on actually welding. The best use of their time.


St Blazey 1925 said...

34929 is looking really great. Excellent pictures.
Regards, Paul.

Powli Wilson said...

And that saloon in 34929 looks most impressive.

Powli Wilson