Monday, 11 November 2019


The objective for the start of November is to do a check of the C&C rake fixing a list of maintenance issues and most notably a brake check of the rake. The day started well in reasonable weather but soon deteriorated to heavy rain. The team stuck it out until early afternoon and completed the brake block changes and some adjustments.

It was somewhat annoying that a brake cylinder previously overhauled and tested has started to stick soon after going into service. Sop with it duly removed from the carriage and stripped down a review was held to understand what the issue was. it seems to have turned into a bit of a training/experience sharing exercise with all interested parties assembled.

The group then broke out to carry out the rebuild. Andy Thompson and Ian rebuilding the cylinder

Andy Turner stripping the DA Value

with assistance from John Hamer and a very large wrench to undo the top nut.

Then it was re hang it under 4772. They didn't put it back from whence it came preferring the warmth and more pleasant surrounding of the paintshop than the heavy rain and rough ballast of the yard. They will put another cylinder under the original carriage on a dry day!

Alex and Ainsley ware painting 4772 Malvern side with the first top coat the roof having been completed save for the very end section were repairs will have to be made.

The bucket the turned up on Thursday got a clean up and a coat of grey paint.

The ceiling of the vestibule area of 34929 is progressing well with Steve completing the out section on the Malvern side.

The upholstery team spent much of the day moving various completed seating components to different storage locations to make room for the current seats they are working on. While the seats are ready for both 34929 and 16221 the carriages are still some way off being ready for them.


Nelson Street said...
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The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry Nelson didn't mean to delete your post. Yes we do sometimes fit oversize rings if we find a cylinder leaks off. we also test the cylinders but currently not having a test rig we do so upside down using the cylinders own weight. Its always worked for us thus far. This cylinder tests ok but then jams when fitted to the carriage. Not a problem we have encountered before.