Thursday, 7 November 2019

Saturday / Tuesdsay

with preperations and planning in progress for the November and winter shut downs things are very busy in C&W.

The first target s to try and get 4772 completed. So Bob Webb has been in to measure up for the new vestibule flooring at either end. If only we has floor to lay it on.

Still the roof painting is progressing well. most of it now (after Tuseday's team had also had a go at it) has been top coated with just the south end awaiting some roof repairs or more precisely a roof. A section of the original having rusted away there is an area that will need some serious attention..

Alex has started on filling and sanding the north end now the welders have moved onto the south end.

The 2 vacuum cylinders are both being overhauls. here one of them in bits

In 34929 Steve building a new ceiling to the vestibule area and the Guards section of the corridor.

while John Osborn is making a whole new batch of hinge backing plates. These are drilled and tapped and the hinge bolts come through the door structure and bolt into the plates. Not unusually we find when trying to overhaul a door these plates have to be sacrificed thus a new batch is required.

The upholstery team have had to reassess what they are working on after we had to halt work on 24929 while some structural work is carried out. so some assessments are being made as to which other carriages need seat work.

On Tuesday not only did the roof get painted the Cotswold side in now up to first top coat level and the Malvern side is ready to be undercoated.

The planking of the Shark roof is done as is the south end veranda. So great progress. 

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Great progress indeed! Well done to all.
Regards, Paul.