Monday, 25 November 2019

4772 Welding done

A week of great progress on all the vehicles in the works. 

The big drive is to complete a short visit by 4772 to the works. Its always difficult to achieve these in the time we would like because despite strict instruction to not do anything out side a very narrowly defined set of job things show up that just have to be done!

Ken and Gerry competed the crash pillar and base plate repairs  but the 'small section on the roof' turned out to be 2 large sections.

While Nick did the welding a whole group of people spent time preparing individual sections for him. It saveda lot of climbing up and down. We don't do climbing if we can avoid it. to much like hard work.

With the welding and therefore the dust creation stopped the painters were soon back in full swing. First with door panels and by Saturday with second top coating on the Malvern side and lining out on the Cotswold side.

The end hoop repairs are almost complete. Its just getting the length correct. As John said if only there was a work bench clear thsat was big enough.

The door team are still working on the 2 sets of double doors but are getting close to completing them with all four doors hanging and closing nicely. Its now down to panelling the doors.

The entrance vestibule ceiling is now almost complete with the primer applied by Bob Keyte

and the trim strips subsequently added. Its largely another section over to the painters

The roof  canvass on the Shark if now firmly secured and the battens fitted all round. Sorry I missed a picture 

With the prep work for the welders now about complete Ken Bryan and Rex have switched to replacing the windows in 16221. The double glazed first class compartment windows are all new. the originals were all blown so will be split for spare stock and put into store.

While the windows were going in Derek was cutting new floor sections for the corridor and Bob Mac was replace a lot of the bolts holding the gutter in place. Many of the original were missing or broken. Metal fatigue rather than rust in this case.

We ended up with a much larger shunt than intended after a broken spring was found on 9000 the main rake brake carriage. That had to be swapped out at the same time that the 2 Santa carriages for Toddington were being prepared. So John Hamer, Ian and Neil had a very busy morning. Carriages everywhere with all three rakes in Winchcombe.

The upholstery team were keeping well out of the way having found some seats in storage that they could recover.

Richard from the maintenance team was in making use of the warmth and work bench in the works for a change. On the bench is his latest creation a test bed array and control box for an automatic dimmer circuit he has designed. The lights will dim but not go out if the battery levels get to low. The life of the batteries is severely damaged if they drop to low.

And no not having  a bulb in the holders is not a risk in this case its only a 24 volt circuit.

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StBlazey1925 said...

Huge leaps forward! Well done to you all.
Regards, Paul.