Monday, 25 November 2019

4772 Welding done

A week of great progress on all the vehicles in the works. 

The big drive is to complete a short visit by 4772 to the works. Its always difficult to achieve these in the time we would like because despite strict instruction to not do anything out side a very narrowly defined set of job things show up that just have to be done!

Ken and Gerry competed the crash pillar and base plate repairs  but the 'small section on the roof' turned out to be 2 large sections.

While Nick did the welding a whole group of people spent time preparing individual sections for him. It saveda lot of climbing up and down. We don't do climbing if we can avoid it. to much like hard work.

With the welding and therefore the dust creation stopped the painters were soon back in full swing. First with door panels and by Saturday with second top coating on the Malvern side and lining out on the Cotswold side.

The end hoop repairs are almost complete. Its just getting the length correct. As John said if only there was a work bench clear thsat was big enough.

The door team are still working on the 2 sets of double doors but are getting close to completing them with all four doors hanging and closing nicely. Its now down to panelling the doors.

The entrance vestibule ceiling is now almost complete with the primer applied by Bob Keyte

and the trim strips subsequently added. Its largely another section over to the painters

The roof  canvass on the Shark if now firmly secured and the battens fitted all round. Sorry I missed a picture 

With the prep work for the welders now about complete Ken Bryan and Rex have switched to replacing the windows in 16221. The double glazed first class compartment windows are all new. the originals were all blown so will be split for spare stock and put into store.

While the windows were going in Derek was cutting new floor sections for the corridor and Bob Mac was replace a lot of the bolts holding the gutter in place. Many of the original were missing or broken. Metal fatigue rather than rust in this case.

We ended up with a much larger shunt than intended after a broken spring was found on 9000 the main rake brake carriage. That had to be swapped out at the same time that the 2 Santa carriages for Toddington were being prepared. So John Hamer, Ian and Neil had a very busy morning. Carriages everywhere with all three rakes in Winchcombe.

The upholstery team were keeping well out of the way having found some seats in storage that they could recover.

Richard from the maintenance team was in making use of the warmth and work bench in the works for a change. On the bench is his latest creation a test bed array and control box for an automatic dimmer circuit he has designed. The lights will dim but not go out if the battery levels get to low. The life of the batteries is severely damaged if they drop to low.

And no not having  a bulb in the holders is not a risk in this case its only a 24 volt circuit.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

the weeks round up

This blog covers the activity for the whole week and is more the individual vehicles than a strict chronology of the events.

4772 work is still progressing well. The north end vestibule floor being almost complete it just needs two support block and a coat of protective paint on the underside to finish it off.

At the south end Ken has competed the Cotswold corner.

Nick has done a major repair to the Malvern side roof corner.

And Ken has started on the replating of the Malvern side. The speed of progress is very much thanks to the support group of Rex Jerry Rob and Brian who do so much of the pre work for Ken and Nick.
It a great team effort.

 a little finishing off next week and another section of roof to repair for job done.

The painters have also been doing a great job working round the welders or mainly working at the other end of the carriage.

Alex top coating the higher brown section has also left a hand over board of progress for the Tuesday group.

Phil has started to repair the plumbing here refitting one of the breather pipes for the hand basins.

In the workshop Richard Stone and a small group have competed the replanking of the roof of the shark

Painted the south end veranda

Prepared the end hoops to secure the canvass that will be spread across the roof next week

The upholstery team are doing some sorting out at present and moved a lot of competed stuff to storage while they await the carriages to catch up them. 

David came in on Thursday, not the usual day, so that he could spread the sheet foam out and cut it to size for head rest pads. The electric carving knife again proving it was the right design for the wrong purpose! He produced enough for th whole carriage. Great work.

34929 is continuing to progress with work on the corridor windows by Pat Tony and Alan.

while Steve has nearly completed the ceiling for the central entrance vestibule. A protective coat ot of sealent on ther top side 

before fitting. The two props hold the section in place while Steve secures it.

On the exterior the prep work is not being forgotten

Not so much a troublesome truck as a distinctly stubborn vac cylinder it work ed fine of the bench but when fitted it didn't som it was back on the beanch while some head scrtatching is taking place,

Instead Ian, Andy and Andy, yes 2 of them one not in picture, reverted to overhauling the axle boxes on this bogie.

and turned the pulley wheel axle the other way round for where it will be re installed.

The white metal bearing showing some damage that will need dealing with. The two front corners having both broken up

Another conversion of a dead fire extinguisher for the war week-end team.

Monday, 11 November 2019


The objective for the start of November is to do a check of the C&C rake fixing a list of maintenance issues and most notably a brake check of the rake. The day started well in reasonable weather but soon deteriorated to heavy rain. The team stuck it out until early afternoon and completed the brake block changes and some adjustments.

It was somewhat annoying that a brake cylinder previously overhauled and tested has started to stick soon after going into service. Sop with it duly removed from the carriage and stripped down a review was held to understand what the issue was. it seems to have turned into a bit of a training/experience sharing exercise with all interested parties assembled.

The group then broke out to carry out the rebuild. Andy Thompson and Ian rebuilding the cylinder

Andy Turner stripping the DA Value

with assistance from John Hamer and a very large wrench to undo the top nut.

Then it was re hang it under 4772. They didn't put it back from whence it came preferring the warmth and more pleasant surrounding of the paintshop than the heavy rain and rough ballast of the yard. They will put another cylinder under the original carriage on a dry day!

Alex and Ainsley ware painting 4772 Malvern side with the first top coat the roof having been completed save for the very end section were repairs will have to be made.

The bucket the turned up on Thursday got a clean up and a coat of grey paint.

The ceiling of the vestibule area of 34929 is progressing well with Steve completing the out section on the Malvern side.

The upholstery team spent much of the day moving various completed seating components to different storage locations to make room for the current seats they are working on. While the seats are ready for both 34929 and 16221 the carriages are still some way off being ready for them.

Friday, 8 November 2019


Today pictures are again thanks to Nick.

There was some great progress on Wednesday with the south end welding on 4772 that was continued today with the base plate and both inner crash pillars being welded in place.

Work also started on reskinning the end. The corners are always the trick bit.

Richard Hoy was able to make progress with painting at the north end.

While Bob Mac was second top coating the Cotswold side of the roof.

There is a lot of shunting as the brakes and vacuum cylinders are tested and checked.

One overhauled vac cylinder on route to be being installed under one of the Chocolate and cream rake coaches. Not the usual route so I guess the path through the works was rather busy.

Bob Keyte was top coating the ceiling in 34929's new saloon area

While a number of smaller components were prepared. Bolts cleaned up

Bryan working on mark 2 of the stretcher window locks. The originals were all broken but enough remained to see how they worked. The mark1 version was just a little to tight. 

Rob prepping another section of metal plating for 4772. with a couple of people doing the base prep work allows the welders to focus on actually welding. The best use of their time.