Monday, 21 October 2019


Another combined report from last weeks efforts.

On Wednesday there was 30 in attendance so lots going on. much of the woodwork was around prepping trim sections with Colin working on the saloon entrance doors.

and Des giving a protective coat of varnish to the window trim strips. Its just a quick single coat to stop stains appearing that we can't remove!

There was also a trim strip ap[plied to the corner of the corridor entrance

Trevor was busy on one of the double door refitting the top door lock.

Ken is progressing the gangway connection overhaul for the north end of 4772 now laying at the end of the carriage.

while Rex prepared the final panels to be welded back intpo the end of the carriage.

The steel interface section of the gangway connector is under repair by Ainsley and John Varley.

The Shark ballast plough is progressing with the new running boards being bolted in place by Jerry.

Phil was putting the toilet water tank test rig to good use with a tank he has just finished overhauling. Testing some of the part before we refit them is or release a carriage into service isn't always easy and we are looking at ways to improve improve the options we have.

Another our test rigs in use. John Hamer with the vacuum pump trolley fathoming how to test the duration of the vacuum once created. If it leaks off to quickly the cylinder will need an overhaul. But how good is out pump?

some good painting progress  on 4772 was evident when I arrived with the greying up complete.

and some undercoat appearing.

On Thursday the interior team were starting to fit the window surrounds. Hhere Pat sanding down a section

while Alan and Tony fitted others

Having finished the running boards on the Shark Jerry was prepping the new planks for the south end veranda. A big pile to get through.

The scaffold tower was eventually moved into position to start on the south end of 4772. I say eventually as we had to move a pile of timber to get the tower round the corner from the side of the carriage.

Richard Bated from the maintenance team was taking the opportunity to work on a carriage while its in the workshop. He is upgrading the charging system on the carriages and its much easier to do it when the carriage is in the work.

Brake rigging can be like a jigsaw puzzle. You think you have the right piece but! Here John Hamer and Ian are measuring a set of brake beams to find a balanced set that in use will mean the brake blocks wear evenly. The original beams on this bogie didn't.

a little more progress on 4772's painting 

and the usual display of a finely turned out loco heading for Braodway with the afternoon train.

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