Friday, 4 October 2019


The big move of Wednesday was the pile of wood for the steps of the footbridge at Broadway.. By the expedience of 'processing' the wood at C&W we has made a very large savings in the cost. (they haven't seen our labour charges yet - there is limit to the world supply of dougnuts)

The wood is being cut he length plained and profiled.

A couple of weeks ago there was broken spring in one of the seats of 5042 in the main rake.
having found enough moquette that matches the upholstery team, between the others seats they are working on, rebuilt a spare from the stores ready to do a replacement.

part way through the process an extra layer of old moquette is applied

4772 is in for a repaint and crash pillar repairs as part of our rolling program of such things. With the old floor removed work started on removing th eold base plate.

By Thursday after noon the new baseplate was in on the Cotswold side north end and the crash pillar repaired

work then started onm the other side and centre sections.

Painting on the guards area of BSK 34929 is underway. Execultive light grey they call it. it looks more like pale lemon to me.

The door team are progressing both sets of doubledoors for the carriage disables entrances. This one back on the work bench for windows and lock to be fitted now that the hinge positions are all sorted out.

while these are still having the hinge positions checked.

16221 in the barn in just about finished from the welding viewpoint. So now its on onto the base prep work for door pillars and painting

Of course we don't just rebuild carriages one side that doesn't get reported on much is the fitness to run exams carrid out by John Appleton and the maintenance team. Today John was checking out 3 carriages ready for the upcoming Diesel Gala.

while Ian and a workshop team were doing the same on the Shark. well at least they were checking out the running gear. Its so much easier to do before the new running boards are fitted and there is still no roof yet.

Tony  a stalwart of the department come in to do a little painting every week here working on Battery Box fittings

while Martin was with us for the day from far flung Sussex or there abouts, its a long way away.
He was helping out with the undercoating of the running boards for the Shark.

Steve was making up a few spare LED strip lights for us.

And another section of the light oak panelling was installed in the entrance vestibule of 34929.


Paul Wilson said...

Please can someone clarify for me. Are the timbers that are being cut and moulded for the foot bridge, the risers between the steps?

Powli Wilson

Bo from Missouri said...

I believe they are for the sides of the footbridge.

Ken said...

See the 1904 dated photo in this Blog said...

Lovely blog.