Monday, 28 October 2019


I was not in today so our thanks for the pictures goes to Nick who found some very different angles. Like this one from the top of the ladder while he was sizing up the top centre section and Rob was investigating the lower end section

Rex cut that section and having checked the sizing

Moved on with Rob to bend the corner section

which also got a test fit before Nick set about welding it all together.

Another of the unusual angles from underneath the carriage as Richard bates wired up a new charging circuit under the carriage.

Not the easiest of places for it!

 Back to the welding and job done. All the end plating back on and ready for some protective painting and the new end woods to go on.

Ken was still preparing the gangway connector.

Ainsley, I think, was clearing the gutters from the latest session of roof scrapping and getting it ready for painting.

In 34929 Pat and Tony were working on the window surrounds all being scratch build in the new saloon nothing is quite a standard fit. So a lot of fiddle trimming.

In the barn John and Ian were lifting a centre bolster out of this bogie for checking and cleaning

Phil continued the testing of various water system components before refitting them

Nick was also welding up another Broadway signal rod for S&T. The rod is clamped into a long section of right angle steel to ensure the final rod is straight.

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