Sunday, 13 October 2019


Having visited Dave at Lunch time today (Sunday) I am pleased to report he is doing well and bright and cheery but he is under strict orders as to what he is allowed to do.

So back to Thursday, an extra day for me to get my head round what happens on days I don't usually attend on. Thursdays was a Dave day. 

It was again a busy day on the Shark with Jerry first fitting the running board on th Cotswold side.

while Nick and Bryan made a pair of finger and dirt guards to cover the ballast plough mechanism in the verandas of the Shark.

just some polishing up and painting

Jerry completed the other side as well.

Bob was making more progress with the painting of the ceiling in 4772.

Ainsley was doing some final prep before painting more of the top brown section. Bob Mac was completing the scrapping of the roof.

A trip up the ladder to see the progress also revealed to me the state of the roof at the south end.

At the north end the team were starting to plate over the repaired crash pillars and base plate.

This section is just tacked into place the final welding will have to wait until next week.

and the top above the gangway entrance has also been cut out and cleaned up ready or replating.

In the yard the carriages were being reorganised ready or the diesel gala. Paul, Tony, Alan and Pat did a final check through and clean o the carriages 

they also repaired this window frame ready for service.


Paul Wilson said...

Very Interesting thanks, particularly the "shark" progress. Will there be an opportunity for members to take a trip in the shork when complete; I would gladly pay if there were?

Powli Wilson

Iver Driver said...

BR Mk1 coaches remind me of British Leyland products of the 60/70s - rust in all the usual places - you must be getting a dab hand at repairing these by now! Great Blog bye the way.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry Powli that's one question I can't answer. Probably not as the Shark reside with the ballast train and that doesn't come out for Gala use.

Thanks Iver. The difference is the Mk 1's are on average 10 years older. As they get older we are starting to see new areas that need to be checked. It was Crash pillars and window corners now we do the base plates and check the out riggers along the sides as well. It can vary greatly carriage to carriage so it all gets checked regardless.