Tuesday, 1 October 2019

That was a week!

This blog is a combination of the 3 days I was in last week. It had some good and bad moments as you will see.

On the Wednesday I was in as usual and the there was a lot of good progress on 34929. Paul working the double doors have checked the spacing between the doors

 he fitted the lower hinges on the right hand doors where the pillar had been rebuilt.

The woodwork shop with another deliver of timber stacked ready for sorting

This lot for the Shark roof and running boards.

 The barn is very much the welding zone at present with Nick working on one end

and Ken Austin on the other

In the paintshop Bob was painting the ceiling of 4772. You can see the difference it makes.

while Phil is tidying up the lights and cleaning them

The heat sink probably won't really be needed when the LED bulbs are fitted.

Prep work for the replacement of the base plate and crash pillars at the north end if 4772 are progressing Rex disposing of the old flooring.

The floor all cleared out ready for the welders

One rotten section of floor support to be replaced.

Late in the day and Derek has set about cutting sections for the running boards on the shark.

Home and send dave a list of things for Thursday.
That was the end of Wednesday or so I though until a very sad phone call late in the evening.

Dave Clark the HOD had suffered a heart attack and been flown to a Bristol hospital for emersancy life support. He is ok but we didn't know that at the time.

So Thursday saw me back in C&W to sort the things i had put on the list and inform everyone of the situation. Ididn't get many/any pictures for a blog report.

Friday was taken up with emails advising everyone of the latest new on Dave who was thankfully showing signs a good recovery and sorting out what we were doing to deal with things while he is away.

I think it was Saturday when Alex was painting some rather neat little timetable holders. By this time the days had rather blurred into one

Paul was cleaning up the roof support struts on the shark

 Alex moved on to painting  'Not to Be Moved' boards and he didn't he sat there all day!

With the end metal work on 34929's north end compete Ken and John Squires have set about rebuilding the pipework for the toilet water tank feeds.

The pipes are anything but straight. making new one can be very entertaining trying to get the bend right.

 and then you have to check the fit for connecting it all up

In the paintshop Ainsley started on greying up the Malvern side of 4772.

and the upholstery team soldiered on 

while Penny did a little more work on the picture. We know have some bears on the right Sana on the left and you will have to find the polar bear but you won't from this picture. You will have to visit and study the picture for that.

 and finally Steve was competing the first side of the panelling for the new saloon in 34929. I was almost finished when we realised a door bumper was missing and had to take a panel back off to install one.

The latest on Dave is that he is making a good recovery but will be away for quite a while. 
I am not sure how well the blog will survive in the mean time. Watch this space.


Mikeslipper@hotmail.com said...

A very fine blog thank you. Very sorry to hear of Daves ill health hope he will continue to improve.sorry if the blog is lost

Mikeslipper@hotmail.com said...

Penny,s work on the back drop scene is nothing short of fantastic. Would love to see it.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Dave, having not put in a sickness absence form for this he had better get back quick! Seriously though get well soon Dave. As for the current writer of this blog, you are doing a great job so as when is better than nothing for now!
Paul & Marion

David Arnold said...

Get well soon Dave

Adrian said...

Here's hoping Dave makes a speedy recovery. Thanks for all the updates.

Geoff J said...

As a regular blog reader following the fantastic work of the C & W team although I am just another anonymous member living too far away to help, nevertheless I identify the team members in a way that you feel you know them even though I don't. So to read of Dave's sudden serious illness was quite a shock and wish all the very best for a full recovery. On a happier note what a talented artist Penny is. That painting is superb. If you are not doing it already perhaps you should take commissions for model railway enthusiasts for backdrops!

Geoff J said...

PS I have just viewed Penny's painting on a 49 inch TV and it is truly superb

Geoff J said...

PPS Is it too late for GWSR Christmas cards with Penny's painting?

St Blazey 1925 said...

So sorry to hear of Dave in hospital. Get well soon, you will be missed in your absence.
Alex has done it again. Those timetable holders look almost original! Great paint work.
And to paint work. Penny's picture is nothing short of fantastic. You could almost step into that snowy scene.
Regards, Paul.

Andy P & Jaz said...

Sorry to hear of Dave's sudden illness. Please pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Andy P & Jaz.