Monday, 21 October 2019

Saturday's blog - not exactly

Having had a rather intensive time of late and a management meeting on Thursday evening my wife and I took a break from the railway and went to visit a railway instead. 4 days away lunch on the train at the Swanage Railway. (and I got a guided tour of the hospitality carriage and the Kitchen car).

and Gig racing in the bay. If your not familiar with a Gig think sailing ship long boat 6 oarsman and a cox 

They were out there somewhere on an almost dead calm sea!

The public service train included the Pullman Observation car. very nice.

and the guard dashed along cleaning the some windows during the run round.

The sun was on the wrong side of the train at the only location I could grab a picture of the T9 pulling the lunch train.

This steam hose wasn't exactly passing much down the train! Fortuately we had very much better weather than they had the previous week-end for their gala. 

They are somewhat short of volunteers in C&W which is a pity for what is a very pleasant line to ride on.

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