Monday, 14 October 2019

Saturday shift

Quite literally a day for shifting things.

An early move was the stack of timber for Broadways footbridge. having cut shaped and trimmed a lot sections they have now been moved to Broadway but the stack of timber that remains was in the entrance to the woodwork shop. it couldn't stay there so we found a space along the paintshop wall for it until the next batch can be cut and trimmed. we can now return to making wood sections or the carriages. something we are now in need of in some quantity with all three carriages in the works needing sections.

The first in need is 4772 in the paintshop. Having completed much of the welding at the north end the floor can soon be re-laid. While we did manage to save most of the timber we will need a couple of new sections. 

In the mean time attention has been applied to the south end where Phil started the removal of the toilets. It all has to come out for the welding to be done. It did reveal the need for the replacement of several sections at that end as wall that have rotted due to a leaking water tank.

Externally Bob competed the roof scrapping and the etch priming. So its all ready for a first coat of paint. Ainsley started on the painting of the north end top brown section.


with the panelling finished Steve set about making the trim strips to finish it off. Then there are all the window trims to be completed.

while Kevin and I went searching for the missing door and found it under some sheets on the glass rack! Kevin started on stripping the door down for refurbishing.

In the barn we had a group ready to tackle the work on the bogies. disconnecting everything can be a challenge.

once done the wheelsets could in turn be removed, the axle boxes overhauled and it all checked and reassembled.

Paul set about cleaning up the vacuum pipe on the Shark. The pipe looked to be in bad shape but it proved to be just some very rough painting long ago. The outer section of veranda floor was also removed which allowed the rigging structure to be bolted down properly. Several bolts had been very loose.

The upholstery team continued with seat overhauls. They just need to get the carriage back from the gala to do the next seating bay in 24949

The weather was just about holding up for the gala.



Anonymous said...

Why is Phil always doing things with tiolets?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Its not just toilets its the water whole system in the carriages, tanks, taps and pipework, that he tends to look after along with the electrics. He is very careful not to mix the two.