Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Saturday - Proof if proof were needed

As I write the latest news is that Dave is still doing well albeit with a an operation scheduled for Wednesday after which he is expected to be home a few day later. He has decided to step down as Head of Department. The board has seen fit to appoint me as his replacement. I am just hoping he is not away to long so that he can write the blog for me some days!

There was a lot of reorganising going on today and not just because of Dave. During the week we had a very large delivery of plywood. It was large because the suppliers are stoping ther manufacture of thetyype of ply we like to use. So Eddie purchased most of the remaining stock while he could. This has been stacked in the entrance hall of the works since then.

It needed moving and the store vehicle for it was way down the yard. There was definite reluctance to carry the 40 plus sheets of ply down the yard. As there was a shunt in progress, more on that later, we got the storage vehicle moved up next to the paintshop side door. Then is was a only a few feet to move the boards. There was till a lift involved and Paul found himself in the front end and having to lift it up to those in the carriage. 

I mention Paul as it does go to prove that he does a lot more than wash the floors and make the tea both of which he does excellently. (Creep creep we drink a lot of his tea in C&W)
Ken was on the near end and Eddie (its his hand bottom right) - er- supervised the move.

The real reason for the shunt was to reorganise the rolling stock for the Diesel Gala next week-end. The third rake is split and with the spare carriages made into  two short, this time 5 carriage rakes. 

While Richard may be the Chairman C&W doesn't tend to let hi sit down for long as he is a qualified 'Shunter' which means he gets to walk up and down the yard and do all the coupling and uncoupling of the carriages while Ian the 'Shunter Driver' stays out of the wind and rain in the cab and rides up and down. 

The pictures are thanks to Paul who leant me his phone to take the first picture, me having left mine at home in the hurry to get to C&W in the morning.

So elsewhere but un-pictured Steve completed the ceiling in the new salon area of 34929. 
Christ installed a door liner for door 2 in the same carriage.
Richard and Paul made progress with cleaning up the roof spares on the shark ready to fit the new roof planking.
There was some more progress on prepping 4772 with the tape being applied to the Cotswold side by Ainsley.

The second picture was actually taken from the third rake while Paul and I were doing a review of the carriages. A check on the need for any final maintenance fixes that need to be completed before the gala. Fortunately there appears to be only one - a section the interior wood window frame that needs fitting. 


David Arnold said...

"Christ installed a door liner for door 2 in the same carriage."

A case of divine intervention!

Alex said...

Friends in high places I see, I guess we're already seeing the benefits of having a churchman as HoD! ;-)

Mikeslipper@hotmail.com said...

A fine blog, i am so pleased that Dave's health is improving, so much enjoyed his blogsl

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It’s what comes of writing the sermon at the same time as the blog. Chris didn’t turn water into wine but he did do a good job with the door liner.