Friday, 4 October 2019

A better week so far

The good news is that Dave is out of Danger out of the ICU, having tests and hopefully as I write an operation for a pacemaker.

We have had suggestions of installing a charging system for it straight of the mains but apparently the system is already rather overloaded. On a more serious note it highlights again the need for an accessible defib on site. something we have been asking for a while.

In the mean time with Dave away we are down a blog reporter. Up steps Rod who has supplied me with some notes and pictures from Tuesday. Thanks Rod.

It was very much a TSO 4772 day with 5 painters at work at various times, in the afternoon 3 people were painting the Malvern side , Ainsley and Alan and Rod pausing to take the picture.

The first grey primer coat is now complete.

Note that is only between the doors. the out ends and corners are being left until the end repairs are complete.

Maurice was on the roof doing the final stages of the repaint. The corridor connection sliding doors were also being worked on with one stripped and painted in red oxide by the end of the day.

Elsewhere John Hughes was in the barn continuing preparation work on CK 16221 This has a lot further to go. Elsewhere Derek Clark continued with  the Shark Ballast Plough running board replacement.


Adrian said...

Great news about Dave. Thanks for the update from "The Works" too.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Great to read that Dave is out of danger. Will he be changing his name to Gerry (and his pacemaker)?
Kindest regards, Paul.