Monday, 28 October 2019

Saturday round up

Another hectic day in C&W with lots going on.

A pretty well full dirty gang were in and swapping wheel sets. This a temporary switch while wheel turning is being considered. all eyes on watching to see that the bogie frame is sliding smoothly down the guides over the axle boxes

Phil was cleaning up the sinks for the toilets in 4772 while they are out to allow floor repairs after the welding of the crash pillars and end plates is done.

To that end of welding repairs John Squires started on the removal of the old plating he has recollection of installing about 11 years ago. In those days we didn't have the full range of expertise available today. The crash pillars were only partially repaired. Now we will do a full replacement and repair of the base plate and crash pillars.

Alex started on a first top coat of the Cotswold side of 4772.

Having completed the ceiling in the saloon area of 34929 Steve has started rebuilding the ceiling in the corridor and vestibule.

Richard Stone and Paul prepared all the remaining roof planking for the Shark. Tuesday's job with some more assistance will be to get it all fitted.

With the barn end now enclosed it is possible to make more use of the barn and gradually with experience several improvements are being made. This a back board for some tools and storage bins to be hung.


I was not in today so our thanks for the pictures goes to Nick who found some very different angles. Like this one from the top of the ladder while he was sizing up the top centre section and Rob was investigating the lower end section

Rex cut that section and having checked the sizing

Moved on with Rob to bend the corner section

which also got a test fit before Nick set about welding it all together.

Another of the unusual angles from underneath the carriage as Richard bates wired up a new charging circuit under the carriage.

Not the easiest of places for it!

 Back to the welding and job done. All the end plating back on and ready for some protective painting and the new end woods to go on.

Ken was still preparing the gangway connector.

Ainsley, I think, was clearing the gutters from the latest session of roof scrapping and getting it ready for painting.

In 34929 Pat and Tony were working on the window surrounds all being scratch build in the new saloon nothing is quite a standard fit. So a lot of fiddle trimming.

In the barn John and Ian were lifting a centre bolster out of this bogie for checking and cleaning

Phil continued the testing of various water system components before refitting them

Nick was also welding up another Broadway signal rod for S&T. The rod is clamped into a long section of right angle steel to ensure the final rod is straight.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Tuesday - Wednesday

I was in on Tuesday this week to meet up with the Cleaning team. The team work out of Toddington so some had never actually been to the works at Winchcombe. We did the grand tour for them all. It was also a chance to see the Tuesday gang who I haven't meet up with for a while.

Tuesday is largely a painting day at present So there was a combination of planks being primed and undercoated in the fore ground for the Shark south end undercoating on the carriage behind.

First top coating round window frames

and roof painting. 

What I didn't expect but was delighted to see was a group fitting the new roof planks to the Shark. Intriguingly they discovered the centre section roof arches are about an inch lower that the ends. So some improvisation is being employed to level things up. 

Back in for the normal busy Wednesday. We normally have all the trades represented but today we were missing the welders. The upholstery team were in full flow with Jenny doubling up; seat back sewing with John and cushion corner trimming with Penny at the same time. 

Dave was staples by the hurdred the removing the two arm rests from the next seat He then prepared the arm rests ready for recovering.

while David was working on the set of 32 set ends. Its a case of steady progress and keep going.

Bob and Richard were completing the ceiling trim in the saloon of 34929

What Bob with a Hammer!!!!

Arrgh that's better with the trim strips all in place he was soon back with the paint brush and the ceiling with its priming coat applied.

The door team were well pleased having rehung the pair of doors on the Cotswold side. The lock is still to be fitted but the match up between the doors looks very good whenb they are both closed.

Also in progress is the rebuild of a compartment door to make a pair for the saloon entrance from the vestibule.

Some forward planning is well in progress with several sets of ends wood being made up. 2 for 4772 and 2 for 34929

There was also a shunt to switch the bogies round to get another pair in for overhaul. Although as always the first job was to open up the axleboxes to check the axle numbers.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Saturday's blog - not exactly

Having had a rather intensive time of late and a management meeting on Thursday evening my wife and I took a break from the railway and went to visit a railway instead. 4 days away lunch on the train at the Swanage Railway. (and I got a guided tour of the hospitality carriage and the Kitchen car).

and Gig racing in the bay. If your not familiar with a Gig think sailing ship long boat 6 oarsman and a cox 

They were out there somewhere on an almost dead calm sea!

The public service train included the Pullman Observation car. very nice.

and the guard dashed along cleaning the some windows during the run round.

The sun was on the wrong side of the train at the only location I could grab a picture of the T9 pulling the lunch train.

This steam hose wasn't exactly passing much down the train! Fortuately we had very much better weather than they had the previous week-end for their gala. 

They are somewhat short of volunteers in C&W which is a pity for what is a very pleasant line to ride on.


Another combined report from last weeks efforts.

On Wednesday there was 30 in attendance so lots going on. much of the woodwork was around prepping trim sections with Colin working on the saloon entrance doors.

and Des giving a protective coat of varnish to the window trim strips. Its just a quick single coat to stop stains appearing that we can't remove!

There was also a trim strip ap[plied to the corner of the corridor entrance

Trevor was busy on one of the double door refitting the top door lock.

Ken is progressing the gangway connection overhaul for the north end of 4772 now laying at the end of the carriage.

while Rex prepared the final panels to be welded back intpo the end of the carriage.

The steel interface section of the gangway connector is under repair by Ainsley and John Varley.

The Shark ballast plough is progressing with the new running boards being bolted in place by Jerry.

Phil was putting the toilet water tank test rig to good use with a tank he has just finished overhauling. Testing some of the part before we refit them is or release a carriage into service isn't always easy and we are looking at ways to improve improve the options we have.

Another our test rigs in use. John Hamer with the vacuum pump trolley fathoming how to test the duration of the vacuum once created. If it leaks off to quickly the cylinder will need an overhaul. But how good is out pump?

some good painting progress  on 4772 was evident when I arrived with the greying up complete.

and some undercoat appearing.

On Thursday the interior team were starting to fit the window surrounds. Hhere Pat sanding down a section

while Alan and Tony fitted others

Having finished the running boards on the Shark Jerry was prepping the new planks for the south end veranda. A big pile to get through.

The scaffold tower was eventually moved into position to start on the south end of 4772. I say eventually as we had to move a pile of timber to get the tower round the corner from the side of the carriage.

Richard Bated from the maintenance team was taking the opportunity to work on a carriage while its in the workshop. He is upgrading the charging system on the carriages and its much easier to do it when the carriage is in the work.

Brake rigging can be like a jigsaw puzzle. You think you have the right piece but! Here John Hamer and Ian are measuring a set of brake beams to find a balanced set that in use will mean the brake blocks wear evenly. The original beams on this bogie didn't.

a little more progress on 4772's painting 

and the usual display of a finely turned out loco heading for Braodway with the afternoon train.