Friday, 20 September 2019

Wednesday -

With a bright sun shining, as is evident in several pictures, the day was one of warmth and mellow fruitfulness. That means that while there was a lot of work going it was at a stately pace.

With most of the upholstery team still away I joined John to assist with a set of seat swaps. We reinstalled restored seats in compartment 2 of 24949 and stripped out compartment 3.

Choose your spot and you get extra light shining on what you are doing.

We also got to try out the yard trolley with its new tyres. Ainsley come to do the pushing much easier than it you to be the holiday makers don't know what they are missing!

In the workshop Trevor and Derrick were hanging door 6 of 34929. This is the left hand of the double doors on the Cotswold side. This is only a temporary fit so that we can position the other door of the pair for the pillar that will support that door to be welded in position.

From the inside with the second door positioned and bracketed into place ready for the welders.

The internal double doors to the saloon area are two of compartment doors. The catch is that all compartment doors are the same hand so we have to rebuild one to get the opposite handed door.

Clamped, glued and left to set till next week.

work on another door pillar this the north end of 16221. a new section of structral steel in place and the skin to be reinstated.

Take the end off and you can expect the steelwork behind the wood to be rusted badly. Rex started removing it ready for more rebuilding work on 16221.

Derek taking advantage of the sun streaming into the workshop to line up the next cut on this section of floor support.

Ed starting on the mountain of wood that will become the framework for the Broadway footbridge

David checking out what needs sanding next on 4772. This the Malvern side.

A little light painting job for Tony on the paint tables.

With the structural repair competed on the north end of 34929 Ken set about reinstalling the emergency warning system.

Being on the sunny side of the running line, It was a great day for watching the trains go by from the works!

The last train south for the day. 

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