Saturday, 7 September 2019

Wednesday - where did they go?

Wednesday is normally our busy days for volunteers. However, at the end of the school holidays many are now taking their holidays and numbers were way down.

Penny have finished the mountains and moved onto the trees. Starting in the background she has moved forward to some of the foreground trees.

Des got to do some somewhat less noticeable brushwork which is what you want with the varnish on the panelling

The upholstery team John and Jenny (working on a seat back)

Dave (stripping a seat base)

and Dave (trimming a side panel) sailed on without Penny 

The first job of the day was to unload this load of timber for the Broadway footbridge. I am told there is more to come. (glad I was late in). When Ed is back there is a lot of cutting up to be done!

The door team returned to rebuilding door 6 for 34929. (Cotwold side left hand double door if you don't know our numbering system)

 Geoff was working on some panelling for 34929 Tho' I can't think exactly where it will fit!

Pete who is joining us on a Wednesday in addition to his Friday maintenance team efforts was working on toilet cisterns.

The sanding and filling was in full swing on the Malvern side of 16221 in the barn.

While Rex prepared section of new steel for the south Cotswold side corner.

Rod did a little window cleaning in pred for greying up the frame on this 4772 window.

before updating some more repair information on the computer.

John Hamer continued the reconstruction of the bogies in the barn explaining to me the process of balancing the brake rigging. Not an easy exercise when working with components that were designed with no adjustments. 

2 comments: said...

What a wonderful job Penny is doing. I'd love to see that close up

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

You can when the Santa season is on. It will be the backdrop for the model railway in the Tim Mitchell Building at Wichcombe