Friday, 20 September 2019

Wednesday - 18th

Sorry we are running rather late with the reports ast the moment. Largely due to the installation work and the need for some paperwork to be updated.

An unexpectedly large turn out on Wednesday despite knowing the works were empty for the fire alarm system upgrade. The Tuesday gang largely stayed away so no blog for Tuesday.

While much of the work was outside the woodwork shop was still a hive of activity with them grabbing all available space thus turning the paintshop into a second woodwork space for the day.

 This enabled Derek to make more progress with the corridor floor panels for 16221

With the forecast on the dodgy side we did some protective work on the carriages in the yard temporary covers over the open doorways and slider less windows.

A coat of grey over the unpainted filler. It doesn't take kindly to getting wet.

In the works the hi-ab of the Fire alarm people was central to the installation work

The upholstery shop was largely as usual Penny on the sewing machine

David working on side panels


and John limbering up for the turkey carving with the electric carving knife. The perfect tool for shaping foam!

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