Saturday, 7 September 2019

Tuesday - Painting at last

An opticians appointment meant a late arrival for me at the Works, but by then the Cotswold side was deemed to be basically complete from the filling/sanding point of view, so John, Richard and Alan proceeded with base coating the window frames.

On the Malvern side Richard Hoy was cleaning up the roof side, later adding some etch primer to the places where the galvanised metal was exposed.

Maurice, looking very relaxed on the roof, takes a break from air sanding. Towards the end of the day Maurice finishes off some undercoating in Light Grey on the south end of the roof.

A general view of the Cotswold side of 4772 with the roof side (painted on Saturday) and some of the windows in undercoat . I did actually find some more areas needing filler under the gutter, but these won't take long to do. Once the windows are done we can grey up most of this side. There is still a degree of preparation to do on the Malvern side.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of "P&O" on her way down to Cheltenham, so it has to be the backwards view as this was the last steam run of the day. However she did look good with the 100 years of the Merchant Navy being celebrated in fine style. We were keen for a close look so we all went up to the station. For a close-up of the celebration.

Report by Dave Clark

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