Monday, 9 September 2019

Thursday - You think of a title

Making up for a lack of photos on a recent Thursday and hence no report, I managed to get around most of what was going on throughout the Works and Yard. 

Starting off outside for a change, Paul and Dennis were as usual busy cleaning the 3rd Rake

With an open door and ladder, and the cleaning cloths in the foreground, it looks as though Paul had also been in SK 24804.

Dave Hancox, co-owner of SK 24006, was busy removing the electric heaters.

Inside TSO 4867 Bob Keyte was back on ceiling painting. Although the coach is still in unrestored condition, the clean white ceiling improves the interior considerably.

Working on the former troublesome bogie, thankfully now all sorted out, so Bob Slater got to clean up the tie bars.

Sections of tie bar with the cleaning before and after!

The recently repaired leaf spring, which will actually be removed from this bogie and fitted to a better one.

There was nobody working on CK 16221 today, so moving from the Barn to the Workshop to find Kevin continuing the grand tidy up and labelling of our carousel. It takes a lot of patience doing this, so we all very appreciative for all his hard efforts to further improve our working.

Phil was busy increasing our stock of light fittings.

Ken was working on the communication cord apparatus for BSK 34929, ensuring that everything functions correctly and easily..

Now fitted in place at the north end of the coach.

Inside 34929 Tony and Pat were fitting more battening by the Malvern side Guards door.

Alan varnishes a cleaned up section of internal window frame for 34929.

Lying on the Paintshop trestles I'm not sure where this section of track is destined, but I carried out the instruction to paint the central section silver.

Jeff begins his day dusting off the Cotswold side of TSO 4772's roof and ensuring the gutters were swept out.

No, this isn't Sting! Looking remarkably like him as he is now, Martin carefully applies more filler under the gutter on the opposite side of the coach. These areas often get missed, so we try and ensure that the undersides of the gutters are properly cleaned out and any loose paint removed.

Out of sight to the left, Jeff was applying the base coat of light grey to the toilet window, while Bob vacuumed the back of the nearby door and bodyside. A quick wipe over with thinners removed any remaining dust.

Bob then joined Jeff and applied the light grey to the cleaned up area.

At last, the reward after so much preparation. There is still a fair bit of that to do on the Malvern side, but that too should soon be receiving the base coat of light grey. Then of course we start looking for all the bits needing more filler!

Report by Dave Clark

3 comments: said...

Super blog, you guys and gals do a grand job on the railway. said...

Super blog, you guys and gals do a grand job on the railway.

Powli Wilson said...

Reading this (thank you) I wondered what you use for filler? While i am not filling railway carriages I have tried various fillers on timber and plaster work and have never really been satisfied with any of them they all seem to deteriorate rather rapidly over the course of a year (sun in summer, frost in the winter.

Powli Wilson