Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Thursday - essential maintenance

The cleaning and much of the internal maintenance of the 3rd Rake, as you will have seen from previous reports, is done "in-house" by our Works staff. John Appleton's Maintenance team and our main Cleaning team have enough to contend with looking after the two main rakes and the DMU at Toddington, so we do anything we can to help them, especially with the regular weekend running of the 3rd Rake and because it is based with us at Winchcombe. 

Paul is steadily vacuuming through the rake, doing both corridors and compartments.


Pat staining some peeling veneer at the north end of RMB 1808, a coach I very much want to get into the Works for a repaint and minor repairs. Generally the interior is in reasonable condition, but the vestibules, as can be seen, definitely need some attention.

Inside FK 13337 "Gillian" Alan is re-securing another loose table. These are often problematical, not helped when occasionally ones see a child balancing on one and being supported by an unthinking parent. Having fixed this, Alan moved in to the next compartment and gently tested the table - yes, it wobbled!

Dennis was checking the light bulbs for security, replacing any duds as required.

With Tony, one of our qualified shunters, assisting Phil, the bogies were repositioned within the yard as required. In the background is the Shark ballast plough which will replace the Toad guards van in the Works. It will need a new roof as well as other bodyside repairs, and being a working vehicle it has higher priority.

Back to as we were, with the coaches remustered outside and two bogies back in requiring attention. In the background is Rob, cleaning the battery box metalwork.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

I still think that First class should command a premium ticket price to help keep First class in first class condition!
Maybe signs stating 'Please do not stand children on this table' might help in the interim.
Regards, Paul.

Mikeslipper@hotmail.com said...

A fine blog reference some fine work in c and w.