Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Thursday - don’t tell his mother!

First a PS it appears Alex's has other talents he endeavours to keep hidden

He claims to have done it before tho' Paul who took these picture (thanks Paul) can't remember when.



There were many things going on but unfortunately I was caught up with a number of issues and consequently once again not many photos were taken.

Tony and Pat were continuing with the setting up of the wall panel battens in BSK 34929. The new area is coming along very well.


Bryan was drilling holes in one of the new floor cross-members for the north end of CK 16221.

The prepared cross-member in place, waiting to be welded in.

In the Paintshop, Malcolm was cleaning up more of the Cotswold side of the roof of TSO 4772 and painting it in undercoat Light Grey. Alex and I again worked on the bodysides, but there is still an amount of filling and sanding left to do, so lots of chalk messages left on both sides for anyone working on the coach on Saturday. It was good to see the Malvern side centre door back in place.

The new flags, which we use to indicate either "Not to be moved" or "Battery charging" were painted red by Alex.

Apologies to David who had previously top-coated the GWR boundary post in brown. It should have been black - sorry, my fault! However the extra coat won't hurt. Alex completes the lettering in white.

Then it was back to the destination signs.

Report by Dave Clark


Alex said...

As you can see in the first picture, I was telling Paul I'd done it twice before!!

Mikeslipper@hotmail.com said...

Lovely blog Dave. What an allround asset Alex is. Is he also good at making tea ?

Woodster said...

Not ever seen him do that make tea that is !!!