Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Saturday - other bits

Sometimes the work all seems to be focus on carriages and while George kept up the progress on sanding and filling 16221 there was a lot of work on bits not actually attached again today

One of the bogies currently in for overhaul had a complete service of the axle boxes during the day. John Hamer with Andy and at various times additional assistance from a number of others removed, checked and cleaned the boxes and bearings. Then replaced the back plate seals. Theses seals are other broken or missing altogether.

Andy completed the reattachment of the south end gangway to 34929.

Steve completed the panelling in the new saloon area.

While Richard and Paul cut some seat panels for the upholstery team.

John Hill and Jenny were busy refitting the arm rests to this seat back probably the hardest bit of a seat restore.

Dave kept well out of the way stripping down a seat base.

Kevin tackled the recovery of the metal work from these old battery box door panels. The panels have been in store for a long time and seen much better days.

John Osborn was working on a set of radiator covers for the disabled area of 34929. we join 3 normal covers together for an extended section.

Phil was striping down another set of wall light fittings for compartments.

Penny currently excused upholstery duties did a big bit of painting

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St Blazey 1925 said...

All good work.
Penny's back drop painting is looking very nice indeed.
Regards, Paul.