Friday, 20 September 2019

Saturday - getting back to normal

With the installation work for the fire alarm system upgrade largely done.The first thing was to ensure we had all the tables and scaffold towers in the right places before we shunted the carriages back in. its very easy to get a scaffold tower trapped either in the wrong place or the wrong way round.

Then it was remove the protective wrapping and back to work.

The scaffold towers having been carefully positioned before hand meant some quick action on the Shark from the ballast train. This lost its canvass roof back in the storms earlier in the year but was needed operationally so repairs at the time were not possible. Now we have it in the works

and Paul and Richard soon converted it into a cabriolet.


With the open roof Richard had a good vantage point to catch Dave inspecting 34929.


By the end of the day the roof was completely gone

and neatly stacked ready for transport to the Loco wood store

Steve was back to fitting the ceiling into the new saloon area of 34929.

and John returned to the assessment of the wheel sets

John was on his own in the upholstery section with the rest of the team away on holiday. So it was arm rest trimming and planning for the recovery of the next set of seats to work on. well teach them the have a holiday!

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