Monday, 9 September 2019

Saturday - Clear Out

There were not very many in attendance either due to holidays or the awareness of the big clear out.

While some work was going on. There were 2 main areas, the upholstery shop where the production line of seats continued to flow.

as did the line of armrests need complete rebuilds

The other area was the new saloon for 34929. With the wall panelling completed Steve has moved on to build the ceiling

the main focus was preparing the carriages in the workshop to go outside for up to a week while a new fire alarm system is fitted to the works. Hence the clear out. Here a pair of doorways covered. The doors are off and with the door team for restporation and rebuilding.

and the windows with no sliders also being covered up

After the shunt an empty works (picture from here on by Dave)

and the carriages all outside.

Lets hope it doesn't snow! Oh it is. At least at present its only in Penny's artwork.


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