Friday, 27 September 2019

Saturday - Busy Busy

Another all singing Saturday with action all over the place.

Starting at the top of 4772 where Bob Mac was doing more work on the roof. Its often a point of discussion do you sit or kneel for this more and more the knees can't take it so its sit!

Also on high was Ken starting the removal of the corridor end by removing the rain cover. The end has to be loosened or removed so that the replacement of the base plate and crash pillars can be done.

Some more shunting now the set B wagon has gone. This time to create a little freight set for  visit the following day.

also to position one of the NYM carriages ready for swap into the main rake. Thereby removing the other one for some maintenance to be carried out.

Ian was making the most of the newly constructed vacuum cylinder work station. Another case of not having to bend over or sit on the floor to do the job.

Phil is still in the process of overhauling a lot of the electrical components.

The cover plates were then sent for painting. Now looking so much smarter.

John Hill soldiered on while the rest of the team were absent. Another seat base with new padding ready to be covered.

James, in for his last day before setting sail for pastures new, did some work on the end south end section 16221.

while John Osborn complete the medication of the radiator covers for the wheel chair section of 34929.

With no seat the pipes need a much longer cover so we have joined 3 together. her standing on end.

Chris was completing the threshold wood section for the adjacent Guards and passenger doors. 

Then screwing the floor back in place.


Paul Wilson said...

Re the kneeling!
At 72 I have a similar problem; and I thought I would mention (just in case it might not have been tried) that I make use of the "solid" foam matting that is made for young children's play areas. The sheets are about 18" square and are "interlocking" (jig-saw fashion) to make the size most suitable. I realise that on the carriage roof they may slip which would be a problem, but they do have a rough and a smooth side.

Just thought it might be worth a mention.

Powli Wilson

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Yes we have and use them but by the time you get to the other end of a 63 foot roof the question is still to sit one or kneel on one.

Ps you fit nicely in the age range to take your turn on the roof!

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Typical! They stop you using young children so they then recruit the older ones to do the work! next thing you know your volunteering to stop them puting you in a home!What is the world coming too!!! (LOL)

Paul Wilson said...

Ah well, I guess I knew you had tried this.

You are quite correct, I am the right age. I also have my own scaffold "tower" on which I practice on painting my gable ends (no comment) but I have just had a "Chemo" session and have two more still to go so it will be after that I fear!

Following these blogs is most encouraging for me and I am very much in awe of all that you guys achieve and with the rather "super" facilities you enjoy, soon to be greatly enhanced I see!!


Iver Driver said...

Isn't it amazing that all three of those switch covers are different - who says BR mk1 coaches are all the same!! Great blogs by the way. Love reading them.